The Importance Of Expressing Emotions #I_Feel_It_All

Last Update on August 20, 2021 : Published on August 21, 2021
importance of Emotions

Emotions are inevitable; they play an essential role in our lives. Emotions are the reflection of how we think and how we behave. Emotions influence us so much that we humans tend to take our decisions on the basis of our emotions. It doesn’t really matter how small or big they are.

Emotions come with a short shelf-life or I can say they come in flashes. It can be annoyance caused by a colleague, sadness of a breakup, or long grief due to a loss of a loved one. Once you feel like you’re not yourself and after some time you feel like everything is ok! Emotions are the victim here.

But ever wondered where these emotions come from?

Do you also think that emotions are equal to feelings? To read the fact-based psychology behind it, let’s scroll down to the next section…

Emotions and Feelings: What’s the connection?

This concept is highly discussed and interchanged without any prior notification. Our emotions and our feelings are two different things; despite the fact that they are connected with each other. Emotions are generated in our subconscious state and generally describe our psychological state. Indeed, emotions are uncontrollable and they are just reflexes acted by our bodies in the stated event.

Talking about feelings, feelings are generally experiences of emotions that are basically driven by conscious reflections and thoughts. To put it in a nutshell, we can experience emotions without having feelings, but, we cannot have feelings without experiencing emotions.

Three Components of Emotions

Emotions are influenced by our brains. They are generated by our limbic system. The three components of emotions play an important role in the functioning of our emotional responses.

The three major components of emotions are:

1. The Subjective Component: Through this, we experience emotions.

2.The Physiological Component: Through this, our body reacts to emotions.

3. The Expressive Component: Through this, we learn how to behave or respond to emotions.

5 Reasons Behind the Importance of Emotions

1. Emotions Help You Avoid Danger

Charles Darwin, while researching emotions, he believed that emotions are nothing but our own adaptations that allow us to reproduce and survive in this world. Not only this, but he also recommended that visuals of emotions also play an essential part in the survival and safety of mankind.

Emotions also prepare us to take action and this is where “fight or flight response takes place. Fight or flight responses mean to stay calm and flee to safety or face danger. Herein, emotions are considered to be adaptations wherein we act quickly and take actions for maximizing the chances of success and survival.

2. Emotions Can Help You Make Decisions

According to research, our emotions influence us to make decisions. It can be anything…from deciding our breakfast to watching the type of content on Netflix. Research also shows that people with brain damage tend to have a decreased capability of making good decisions as they experience fewer emotions.

Moreover, your emotional intelligence and the capability to manage emotions and understand them also play an essential part in making decisions. Even though people believe that decisions are guided by rationality and logic, emotions still play a major part.

3. Emotions Help Others Understand You Better

It’s a universal fact that whenever we interact with strangers or others, it becomes quite necessary to give them a hint about how they are feeling today so that they can further take the conversation in such a way. These clues are mostly given through facial expressions and it tells a lot about our emotions. It certainly helps people to take actions or act according to their mood, feelings, or emotions.

4. Emotions Allow You to Understand Others

Emotional expressions say a lot about social information. Social communication plays an important part in our lives and being able to react and interpret according to the emotions of others is also important. It basically allows us to form deeper and meaningful relationships with our close ones. It also helps in effective communication with family members, friends, and others.

5. Emotions Can Motivate You to Act

While giving an interview, you might experience a lot of anxiety about whether you will be able to clear the interview or not. Due to such an emotional response, you might start preparing for the interview more and more.

Since you have already experienced this emotion; it might motivate you to do better and better. You can also take this emotion as a positive change for bringing improvements and getting a good job. Such emotions are related to the flush of happiness, excitement, and contentment. And if you will avoid such situations, it might lead to sadness or anxiety.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the importance of emotions. Comment down and share your views on “feeling it all.” For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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