Intimacy and its Effects on Mental Health

Last Update on August 14, 2020 : Published on February 26, 2020
Connection Between Mental Health and Intimacy

As social animals, humans are naturally drawn towards intimacy. A close connection with a loved one is something all humans strive for. Being with your loved one is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Right?

Various Researches have shown that it has quite an impact on one’s mental well-being. Intimacy, be it physical, mental or even emotional can change a lot from the psychological point of view. Due to stress, busy schedules, work-life imbalance, intimacy has been lost to an extent that it is quite rare for couples, families or even friends to spend some time together in peace.

Intimacy and its Effects on Mental Health

This stress not only increases pressure on your mind but also alienates one from regular social interactions. People with mental illness are worst affected by it. And when one is isolated, then he/she continues to suffer alone for a long time. So being close, being intimate to someone, feeling that genuine connection with someone is quite important. Today, in this article I am going to talk about Intimacy and its Effects on Mental Health. Have a look:

Kinds of Intimacy:

Kinds of Intimacy

When classified on a broader basis, Intimacy can be divided under two heads. They are Emotional Intimacy and Physical Intimacy. Both are quite important, and neither can be ignored for a person’s overall wellbeing. It can also be said that intimacy can help us grow from who we are and where we are. A person’s mental state not only depends on his salary, job, status but also on his relationships, the environment he lives in and the people he lives around. There have been researches on the topics and people who have a bad

tend to be less productive, less efficient, often stressed out and moody. So, in order to restore the balance, it was found out that not one but both kinds of intimacies were required.

Emotional Intimacy:

Emotional Intimacy

Emotions are the base of any kind of personal relationship. It defines the strength of the bond between people. If there is no emotional connection and closeness, then that relationship may fall apart anytime and is like a castle of sand which can go down if not strengthened.

When you are emotionally close with anyone then you can talk about your inner fears, secrets, fantasies, dreams, insecurities, etc. These basic interactions are very necessary to maintain the wellbeing of any person. It is very important to seek emotional comfort and speak your heart out. you can also read the difference between Depression vs Anxiety

Physical Intimacy:

Physical Intimacy

It refers to all the acts that project love, comfort, and affection towards your loved one. It doesn’t demand any special efforts from you or from your significant other. But just the simple gestures like hugging when you meet after a long time, going on a movie together, holding hands, not hiding your smile, looking into the eyes and paying attention while talking or discussing can mean a lot to your significant other. These small and simple gestures can make them feel comfortable and also make up their day.

On the other hand, paying less attention, depriving the touch of loved ones, can often lead to isolation. It can further lead to stress, aggression, insecurities, etc.

How to Develop Intimacy and Mental Well-being?

If you think that you will go straight home from your office and hug your wife tight out of the blue and all of your problems will just go, poof! Then… may scare her….. at best. Change doesn’t come overnight; you will have to work hard to sort things out.

Here are some things that you can try out to start, I hope it helps:

Plan and Follow a Schedule:

How to Develop Intimacy and Mental Well-being

You don’t need to always go on an expensive date or movie to spend time. You can simply plan a day for completing chores in your house. Oh! So, you have a housemaid for that? Right? No issues give her a day off, that will make her day too. Now roll up your sleeves and make up your mind. Complete such work on a day off and try not to engage yourself in anything else. Pay your whole attention to the company you are getting. It will help. Try it!

Adopt a Furry Buddy:

Adopt a Furry Buddy

There are countless couples who adopt a pet. Getting a pet has a lot of benefits on its own & it can also bring couples closer, but you should also promise to take responsibilities, otherwise things could go sideways. You need to love your pet like your own kid. Most probably you will be getting a baby animal, take care and this decision will work wonders between you two. Also checking for any allergies first would be a good idea.

Stay Calm:

Stay Calm

There can be days when one can go moody and want some space. Similarly, you both can be struggling with a bad day. And if you don’t find any emotional support from your other half, you can get cranky. So, in that situation, instead of arguing, try to stay calm. It may feel like the hardest thing you would ever do but it is completely worth it. Gulp your anger and try to talk and understand the mental condition of the other. Put them first in your priority list certain times.

Some Time for Self:

Some Time for Self

It may not always have to about engaging with your partner. It may be possible that you may be feeling overwhelmed and just need some fresh air. Meditate, spend some time alone, workout, paint, listen to your favorite songs and you can even practice those moves on the grooves which you used to do as a kid. Though the human is a social animal but too much time with the pack can lead you to lose the sense of self and make you restless. Take some time out and discover yourself.

effect of intimacy on mental health

There are many things that you can do but listing them out would just make the list long. These were  some of the quintessential  points that I just mentioned. Start with them and experience the changes. Understanding and love are the basis of any relationship. At times, giving some space to your counterpart also works wonders. If you think that there is something wrong with their mood or behavior most of the times, approach for professional help. Book a session with a licensed psychologist and let them have a look. I hope it helps. Lots of love!

Thanks for reading!

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