What’s Pent Up Anger? Ways To Release Pent Up anger

Last Update on April 26, 2022 : Published on April 26, 2022

Have you heard of pent up anger before? Have you experienced an irritable phase of your life where you only had one reaction which was anger but didn’t have any idea why everything seems so irritable and frustrating?

If so, you have experienced pent up anger! Pent up anger is the anger that’s trapped in your body. The reason the anger is trapped in you is because you somehow are not able to release the anger.

What Is The Meaning Of Pent Up anger?

Pent up anger basically means that you have an angry energy in you and you have no idea how and when to address and release that pent up anger. There are various reasons that can cause you to have pent up anger, such as;

  • Persistent irritability and frustration,
  • Feelings of sadness and worthlessness,
  • Have a restless mind or body,
  • Feeling unheard or unwanted,
  • Lack of acceptance,
  • Have some needs that havent been met, etc.

Pent up anger fills you with extreme feelings of all sorts of restlessness caused because of a lot of anger towards life, situation and people around you. Normal anger converts into pent up anger only when you are unable to process the angst in you.

You don’t know what you are feeling, why you are feeling and how to deal with these extreme feelings. In fact having no idea about these anger filled feelings and behaviors adds fuel to the fire.

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What Are Pent Up Anger Symptoms?


Pent up anger is because of being unaware of certain feelings and how to process those feelings. If you think you have pent up anger and you want to learn to release pent up anger, the first thing you need to do is learn about the symptoms of pent up anger.

I say this because pent up anger happens because the obnoxiousness about your feelings leaves you restless. And that restlessness increases your pent up anger, you basically enter a vicious loop. Knowledge about the symptoms of pent up anger is one step closer to learning how to cope with it.

Pent up anger symptoms;

  • Disturbance in sleep (poor sleep)
  • You always feel vulnerable (always on the edge)
  • You are easily irritable
  • Even tiny (almost irrelevant) things frustrate you
  • You have began to criticize others a lot
  • You don’t bat an eyelid before hurting others (emotionally)

Ways To Release Pent Up Anger (Dealing With Pent Up Anger)

  • Dealing-With-Pent-Up-AngerStay away from your trigger

Sometimes not being in the present or your trigger (a person, place or thing) can help you deal with your pent up anger better. For example if a co-employee triggers your anger, try shifting to another floor or department.

  • Engage in physical activities

Physical exercise has N number for mental and physical health benefits. In case of pent up anger, you have a lot of stored, ill directed energy which can be managed through engaging in physical activities. Through exercise you will be able to channelise your excess energy.

  • Question your thoughts

When you have a lot of pent up anger you tend to overthink in various situations. You have lots of racing thoughts, negative feelings and you are filled with uncontrollable restlessness. To deal with that you need to try cognitive restructuring techniques where you question your thoughts and replace the negative thoughts with positive and practical ones.

  • Try some relaxation techniques and breathing exercises

Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are some of the best ways to deal with anger issues like pent up anger. You can try progressive muscle relaxation or some mindfulness related breathing exercises to calm yourself down.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog helpful. Do try these strategies to deal with your pent up anger and don’t forget to engage in some physical activity on a regular basis because that’s the best way to release pent up anger.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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