Positive Visualization in Your Life: Benefits, Techniques, And How to Use it

Last Update on March 30, 2023 : Published on April 1, 2023

“You ask me about the past, you ask me about the future, the only way to be happy is to be living right now.” – Yvon Chouinard

The past is in the past – unchangeable, but the present and the future is in our hands, yet to be changed. That’s what positive visualization can help with. Visualization is the technique of imagining or visualizing a positive future or an outcome for the task you’re setting for yourself. It’s what helps our brain achieve our goals, just by creating positive pictures.

You may or may not be a visual person but right now, you’re likely imagining some visuals of your future. You may currently be walking or talking, but in your mind, you’re picturing your to-do list or the dinner you’re looking forward to. This visualization happens without intention – sometimes, we’re unaware of our own visualization practice.

Positive visualization, however, is completely different because that is intentional. You use positive visualization to achieve your goals, set forth in motion your dreams, or even relax after a stressful day or week.

In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of positive visualization in our everyday lives and how you can visualize it in your mind to create a happy life.

What Do We Mean By Positive Visualization?

Positive Visualization

When I say “positive visualization”, I’m talking about intentional visualization. It’s a practice wherein you intentionally create or imagine a picture through your mind’s eye and manifest a better performance, feelings and even actions you want. In a way, it’s about mentally rehearsing what you want to be manifested in life.

Positive visualization, when done effectively, can help you increase your performance, heal mental or emotional wounds, develop better relationships, improve communication, and decrease stress and anxiety. Yes, you read it correctly!

Positive visualization can help with anxiety and boost relaxation. This imagery technique works best when you can combine your focus with the process you want from it. In a study, it was found that when your visualization is realistic and detailed, it can increase the effectiveness of the practice.

Benefits of Positive Visualization

When you’re distressed or worried about the future, it’s normal to break down in nervous sweating or anxiety, so if we talk about the benefits of positive visualization, there are many including enhanced relaxation, lower blood pressure, and slow heart rate.

Other ways positive visualization can help you can include;

1.It Helps Relieve Stress

In another study, it was shown that guided imagery and visualization practices helped reduce self-diagnosed anxiety and its symptoms. Just a 30-minute positive visualization practice can help relieve stress as well as a massage session can. Amazing, isn’t it?

2.It Helps Encourage Creativity

Some studies have shown that creative and positive imagery can help adults as well as children boost their creativity and increase self-esteem, focus, concentration, and intuition, and even help maintain a restful state.

3.It Helps Improve Performance

In a recent review, researchers found that high-achieving athletes and sportspersons, when using positive visualization to imagine a positive and successful outcome, improved their performance. Not only performance, but visualization also helps improve concentration, motor skills, endurance, resilience, and mental strength.

How to Use Positive Visualization Techniques?

Positive Visualization Techniques

1.Create Realistic Visuals

There’s a method, developed in 2001, that has often been used by sportspersons and researchers to guide positive visualization. This method includes focusing on the physical appearance, environment, tasks you’re going to perform, time of the day in your visual, emotions you’re experiencing, and what is the perspective of the visual.

Thinking of realistic visuals can help you create a positive outcome.

2.Develop a Visualization Script

Another way you can use positive visualization techniques is by developing a visualization script. This includes examining your feelings, calling a person who can help you feel confident about your visuals, picturing a real-life problem, imagining a self-brainstorming session, addressing a situation calmly, etc.

When you focus on the script, it’ll help you bring an emotional connection to your visualization, making it more effective.

3.Create a Vision Board

Another way you can bring positive visualization into your daily life is by creating a vision board. A vision board is a manifestation technique that can help you present a physical visualization. You can use magazine clippings, sketches, doodles, and pictures to manifest your vision.

You can also include on the vision board images that focus on family, love, success, exercise, etc. Whenever you need inspiration, you can quickly look at this vision board and imagine positive imagery of your desired future.

4.Practice Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is another way you can incorporate visualization techniques into your everyday life. All you need to do is to sit in a meditative position, close your eyes, and visualize your goal. You can go through your goals like playing a mental movie.

For example, you want to master playing the violin, right? So, you need to start by memorizing the notes followed by imagining the feel of the violin. You can also visualize the stage of the performance. Now, visualize the notes and how the music flows. You need to then imagine the environment (stage lights, the audience cheering, etc.) Allow the emotions to shine through your positive imagery.


The practice of positive visualization helps you create positive imagery for a positive outcome of your goals. It also helps prepare you for actions and behaviors that align with the best-case scenario. Whatever your goals may be, positive visualization and imagery can help you prepare the best outcome for it.

Of course, if you want your positive visualization to work, your imagery needs to be realistic and detailed. You need to practice imagining all the success and victory you are striving for – only then your visualization will succeed. You can also call your favorite people who motivate you, create a vision board, and even work with a script.

Once you do this, see how your confidence will rise and you’ll become a pro at manifesting your future. I hope you got to learn some tricks from this blog.

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