The ACE Quiz: Did You Experience Childhood Trauma?

Our childhood experiences shape who we are and who we become in the future. While some memories bring nothing but joy, others can be difficult to process and even traumatic. We’ve all experienced challenges growing up, but for some, these challenges can be overwhelming and leave lasting scars. 

Childhood trauma refers to the experience of events that are frightening, dangerous, or violent, and that overwhelm a child’s ability to cope. These events can happen at any point during your childhood – from infancy to adolescence. 

What kind of trauma you experience can define how your adult life will pan out. Some common kinds of childhood trauma you might experience can include; 

Childhood trauma can manifest in different ways, but some common symptoms of childhood trauma can include; 

The impact of childhood trauma can be long-lasting. They can impact your physical health and increase the risk of chronic disease, obesity, and addiction. Adverse childhood experiences can also increase the risk for mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance abuse. If you’ve experienced childhood trauma, then you might also find it difficult to form and maintain healthy relationships as an adult. 

What Is The ACE Quiz? 

The ACE quiz, or Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz, is a tool used to assess how many childhood traumatic events you may have experienced (before age 18). These events can have a significant impact on your life and well-being. It is believed that the more your ACE score is, the more likely you are to have experienced childhood trauma. 

Please note that this quiz is NOT a diagnostic test, but a point for self-reflection. There is no right or wrong answer. Be honest with yourself. If the questionnaire brings up difficult memories, exit the quiz, and seek support. 

Calm Sage understands the importance of privacy. Your responses are not shared with any third-party website, so you can rest assured of your privacy. 

We also work diligently to provide you with instant results upon completing the test. The immediate result can help guide you to your next steps in seeking support and moving forward on the path of recovery.

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Did You Experience Childhood Trauma? | Free ACE Test

Please answer the following questions as truthfully as you can.

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Did you ever experience physical violence from a parent or adult caregiver, such as hitting, kicking, or being slapped?


Did you experience any behaviors such as being insulted, sworn at, or belittled by a parent or caregiver?


Have you ever felt a lack of love or support from a parent or caregiver? Did you ever feel like a burden as a child?


Were your basic needs met such as having enough food, clean clothes, or a safe place to sleep as a child?


How often did you feel emotionally neglected by a parent or caregiver, like they didn’t listen to you or have time for you?


Did you experience any of the following in your house before you turned 18: Divorce or separation of parents, or any other break-up of your guardians?


How often did you witness violence between your parents, adult siblings, or caregivers?


Did a parent or caregiver in your childhood ever struggle with a substance abuse disorder or an addiction to alcohol or drugs?


Was a parent, adult sibling, or caregiver in your childhood diagnosed with a mental health disorder or illness?


Was a parent or caregiver in your childhood ever involved in unlawful activities or went to prison?

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