What’s My Love Language? | 5 Love Languages Quiz

Love is a mysterious thing, isn’t it? Many would describe love as a “hit-and-miss” thing, but the truth is that there’s a mastery to love. I have a different definition of love, and you might have a different one. This definition can be your “language”; the language of love. Once you know how to read it, the slide of your relationship can go as smoothly as you can imagine.

The concept of love languages was introduced by Gary Chapman in the book, “The Five Love Languages” and our love language quiz is inspired by the book. This unique love language quiz is designed to help you know your way of giving and receiving love among its five languages;

Knowing your love language can complement your relationships with your loved ones, as this unique language can give you insights into the various expressions of love that you resonate with the most!

So, don’t wait anymore. Grab a pen and notebook, track your answers, and find your love language today. This step of self-discovery will help you figure out your primary expression of love and connect with your loved ones on an emotional level.

Please note that Calm Sage understands the importance of your privacy. Your responses are not shared with any third-party website, so rest assured that your information is safe with us.

This quiz isn’t an official test and can only offer a simple understanding of your love language out of the five love languages as presented by Gary Chapman. If you need an in-depth understanding of your love languages, then it is suggested that you speak to a professional for more.

Are you ready to express yourself in the language that speaks to your heart?

Let’s begin!

What’s My Love Language?

Important: It is advised that you don’t skip any of the questions in the test. Just choose the answer that applies to you and try to be as honest as you can for the best result!

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Choose a statement that applies to you the most…


If you have to say “I love you” with song lyrics, which one would you pick?


Your S/O threw a surprise party, what’s the best part of your party?


You’re taking a day off and spending the day with yourself. What are you doing?


You’re on vacation with your family. What are you most likely to do?


If you had to give yourself a tagline, what would it be?


You have a date tonight. What kind of date would you prefer?


What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?


When you’re upset, how do you want to be cheered up?


If you had to choose a romantic gift, what would you choose?


After an unbelievably rough day at work, what are you looking forward to?

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