ADHD In Girls: Understand ADHD Signs In Teenage Girls

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ADHD in girls

It would not be surprising if I say that ADHD develops differently in girls than boys, after all the bodies and brains develop differently for different genders. However, there is a common misconception amongst mass Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition which only affects males; definitely untrue!

Now it has to be understood that ADHD in girls have inattentive symptoms where they are usually engrossed in daydreaming or feel shy. At the same time, ADHD in boys shows hyperactive or impulsive behavior. Because of this contrasting reason and common signs of ADHD in children, girls are often misdiagnosed.

Signs & Symptoms Of ADHD In Girl

    It has to be noted that not all the girls will show the same signs of ADHD but if some signs of ADHD in teenage girls are becoming continuous, it is recommended to speak to a mental health professional. Some signs and symptoms are:

    • Looks like they are withdrawn from the world
    • Cries very easily
    • Daydreaming in their own world
    • Gets easily distracted or cannot maintain focus
    • They look disorganized and messy, so as their world
    • Feels unmotivated
    • Often looks stressful
    • Extremely sensitive to noise and emotions
    • Hyper-talkative and not at all a good listener
    • Making frequent silly mistakes
    • Often slamming doors
    • Shows poor time management attributes
    • Cannot complete tasks properly
    • Seems shy
    • Gets upset very easily
    • Shifting focus from one task to another
    • Verbally impulsive like not letting anyone else finish their discussion or often interrupting while others are talking
    • Takes time more than usual to process information
    • Even if they are asked to stop talking by parents or teachers, they don’t comply

Girls may also get affected by ADHD if they are going through any of the conditions mentioned below:

Researchers say that they are still not clear why ADHD in girls exists differently but the fact that it makes diagnosis hard is an established fact.

Diagnosing ADHD In Girls

Boys can show ADHD signs so promptly that noticing them is easy whereas girls would react towards the situation very differently. It also happens because these symptoms look like normal characteristics of a girl instead of ADHD.

In order to diagnose ADHD in girls, some common issues could be seen. These are:

1. Compensation Of Inattention Is Noticeable

Girls with ADHD are not able to pay attention or focus on one task properly. This makes them distracted by external events and they start daydreaming about it. For example, if they are sitting in a lecture, they easily drift into another world with the sound of the birds chirping outside while missing the important announcement in the class.

They compensate for this drift of attention by focusing on something that they are actually good at. This concentration would be so good and strong that teachers and parents would completely reject the idea of ADHD. The idea of hyper focus also acts as a coping strategy to keep themselves entertained.

2. Body In Motion

In case the hyperactivity is noticeable in a girl, she would not be enjoying things that other girls of her age do but enjoy more physical activities. One can also notice that she is not able to sit still in one place and constantly move in a chair or anywhere around.

3. Poor Impulse Control

The girl with ADHD can show hyper talkative nature, verbal impulsiveness, constant interruptions and changing topics randomly during a conversation. Such girls could also be overly emotional and may easily get excited for anything around them.

By looking at the diagnosable symptoms, it can be said that ADHD in girls is often diagnosed in the classroom and the issue is noticed by the teachers. As and when the problem is delivered to the parents, the counselor or therapist could be consulted for further recovery. In case your child is experiencing ADHD symptoms, drop us a message at and let us help you connect with an online counselor.

Can ADHD Lead To Other Problems?

Yes, if ADHD is not treated on time then it can start interfering in the day to day life of a girl child. If the girl starts blaming herself for conditions happening with her, things may become much more difficult. Ultimately, frustration appears and it may lead to a hindrance in school activities. The grades could drop down to a great scale and even the friendships could not be managed. If ADHD stays with them for a longer run, they may also take a form of depression, anxiety and certain eating disorders.

Parents can learn effective tips for a child with ADHD and find how to raise their kids in a calm demeanor. Even the adults can find self-help strategies and to prioritize their goals if they are dealing with ADHD.

Ask For Help

If your girl child or teenage girl is going through symptoms of ADHD, it is best to connect her to a counselor or therapist today. For the same, you can visit the doctor in-person or email us your query at Do not worry, just take the right action today and bring positivity in your child’s life.

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