7 Really Effective Ways To Overcome Frustration & Uneasiness

Last Update on October 31, 2023 : Published on August 16, 2020
How to overcome frustration

If you are not able to match your own set ambitions or circumstances are not panned out as expected, you feel frustrated. Frustration can make you anxious, overwhelmed, and can even induce depression if prolonged.

Everything seems like chaos, falling out of the hands and the flood of emotions is simply unable to be handled. But this doesn’t mean that you pull your hair apart or throw the beautiful vase off the table, all you have to do is throw away the negativity that is tagged with frustration.

So, how to overcome the frustration that is making you weak and resulting in pessimism? We have combined 7 steps of overcoming frustration, regaining positivity, and understanding the depth of emotions to enrich your mental well-being once again.

7 Steps To Overcome Frustration? [Step By Step Explained]

1. Breathe Deep & Calm Down

As soon as your tensions brim out, make sure that you practice the mindfulness breathing technique to calm down instantly. If you are planning to work more without taking a breathing break, there is a very thin chance of completing the task correctly.

So better take a break! When you practice deep breathing, oxygen reaches the brain, heart rate gets normal and chances of getting into depression reduce.

Follow the ‘Breathe bubble’ in the video above and let the music ingrain positivity within. Repeat once again and repeat unless you feel the oxygen making space in your brain once again.

Close your eyes and sit quietly for 1-2 minutes. You are balancing the emotional imbalance through this step, make sure to complete it with determination.

2. Focus On The Present, Right Now

There might be thoughts of the past or worries of the future bothering you. But in the hassle of future and past, are you forgetting to enjoy this moment? All the reasons of frustration could be agreed but only when you decide to root yourself in the present moment.

Look around and see the weather, feel the texture of your clothes, smell the air in your room, hear all the sounds reaching to you and maintain the same position for about 1-2 minutes.

[Understand how to live in the present moment and get in control of the reality with more grounding techniques]

3. Clean Your Mind

Sorted? Ok! One last step before you hunt down your actual problem. Forget the problem, yeah you heard it right! To get rid of frustration from its roots, choose what relaxes you like stretching out your body, stepping out for an ice cream, play with your pet or give your loved one a call.

This quick break may or may not give you solutions to your frustration but it gives a mental vacuum for fresh ideas.

4. Look Into The Problem, Once Again

We are so hopeful that you feel 20% better than before with all the steps above. Now is the time to get through the problems with a new view. Analyze it differently or think that worse hasn’t happened. Describe this problem in one good sentence and write it on a piece of paper.

For example, ‘I have a meeting in an hour, I forgot my important files home and my boss has already piled me up with new presentations.’ If you define the problem statement in one line, there are chances to solve them easily and overcome frustration.

5. Start Looking For Solutions, One By One

It’s time to find solutions for all the problems defined in the step above. For example, give yourself 5 minutes and sit with the same piece of paper.

Start Looking For Solutions

Break your problem in different parts and form their solutions. As and when solutions are compiled, start acting on them. Make sure that you choose realistic options and commit yourself to the decisions. Your decisions are going to relieve you from stress and anxiety, so choose wisely.

 6. Anything Else Bothering From The Past?

The steps above show how much overcoming frustration was important and how your organization could make you feel less stressed and anxious.

But this is not the end of your frustration if you are going through some other things that are bothering you from the past? It could be your relationship issues, broken marriage, custody of kids or any other place where you want to regain your power once again.

If that is so, once again write it down and think about the realistic solutions one by one. Something that has been done cannot be changed but your emotions in the near future can.

So anything that is bothering you needs to be pulled out, buried in or left as it is through your own will power, solutions and meditation. If you wish to opt for therapy, don’t refrain but ask for help!

7. Free Yourself From The Fear & Worries

When you are in fear or worry of the future, you tend to get frustrated and angry. How to overcome frustration then? Solve your fears! Fear of failing or being laughed at or getting embarrassed in public? Step out of your comfort zone and follow the journey of freedom from fear in 5 simple steps.

Ask yourself the consequences of instances if your fear turns into a reality! Would that be so bad? Or who really cares about it? As you find answers, you will probably be able to put yourself in a better position and get rid of frustration positively.

More Power to You!

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  1. mariya jonsan
    mariya jonsan

    Clean your mind is one the best way as i am applying it on my self and i feel very good after that so my recommendation is clean your mind and make peace always.

    1. Akanksha Soni
      Akanksha Soni

      Glad you are following it for your own good, Mariya!

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