The Power Of So Hum Mantra Meditation (Benefits, How-To & More)

Last Update on October 25, 2023 : Published on May 17, 2022
sohum meditation

Anxiety, stress, overwhelmed emotions…all these terms have become common in our vocabulary these days. Finding relaxation and solace has become challenging, seeing that we’re constantly surrounded by uncertainties. So what is about So Hum Meditation that’s gaining popularity?

Similar to other spiritual meditation techniques, So Hum Meditation is a thoughtful meditation technique that not only helps you clear your thoughts and filter your feelings but also helps you connect with your divine self.

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  • What Is So Hum Meditation?
  • How To Practice So Hum Meditation?
  • Additional Helpful Tips
  • Benefits Of So Hum Mantra Meditation

In recent years, integrating mantra and mindfulness meditation has become one of the most effective ways of using your energy, cultivating peace within, and healing the psyche.

Below, let’s explore the meaning of So Hum Mantra, the benefits, how to practice so hum mantra meditation, and other helpful tips!

What Is So Hum Meditation?

So Hum is a Vedic mantra that is composed of two words. In Sanskrit, So literally translates to “That” and Hum translates to “I”. Together, these words sound, “I Am That.” The idea of this mantra is to connect with the Brahman, the Universe, and seek its support.

When you meditate using the So Hum Mantra, the practice reflects the sound of your breath. When you say “So” you inhale, and as you exhale, you say, “Hum”.

This meditation technique can also help you regulate your breathing and return your erratically beating heart to normal.

This mantra meditation can also be associated with spiritual meditation. As you meditate, you begin to connect with the Universe or your divine. Your wants, wishes, feelings, and thoughts make up this creation.

The mantra So Hum can also be said to be derived from the mantra “OM”. Om is a primordial mantra that creates vibrations through the body and brings forth a sense of happiness and contentment.

Another importance of the So Hum mantra can be:

  • Experiencing a peaceful state of existence as reciting this mantra calms the mind.
  • The spiritual significance behind the mantra symbolizes the connection of your senses with the soul.
  • Experiencing “Oneness” with the divine or the Universe.
  • Helps explore the question, “What is the purpose of life?”
  • Helps easily regulate breathing.
  • Helps strengthen the mind-body connection and develop a positive mindset.

How To Practice So Hum Meditation?

1. Sit Comfortably

The first step to practicing So hum meditation is to find a comfortable place to start. If you’re choosing a yoga mat on the floor, then make sure your feet don’t touch the ground. If you’re sitting on a chair, then place a mat under your feet. Sit in a lotus position and keep your back straight. Make sure your clothing is also comfortable enough.

2. Tune Into Your Breathing

Next, close your eyes and tune into your breathing. Slowly let yourself come into a peaceful state to let the meditation begin.

3. Start The Chant

Now, start chanting the mantra, “So Hum” in your mind. You can also say it out loud. With every “So” inhale and with every “Hum” exhale. While doing this, let your thoughts flow but don’t linger on them.

4. Focus On The Energy Centers

As you chant, focus on your energy centers, the chakras in your body. These centers are the middle of your forehead, the center of your throat, the spine, the abdomen, etc. Visualize the energy flowing through your chakras.

5. Gently Finish The Meditation

When you feel you’re finishing off with the meditation, gently focus on your breathing. Stay in the zone for some time and examine the changes that your body has experienced. Bring your hands into a prayer position and stay in that way for 2-3 minutes. When you feel centered, slowly open your eyes and finish the meditation.

Additional Helpful Tips

Other tips to keep in mind while practicing sohum meditation can be:

  • Keep a calm mind and relaxed body while meditating
  • Wear clean and comfortable clothes
  • Create a meditation space or altar for better relaxation and result
  • Before starting with So hum mantra, practice pranayama, and deep breathing
  • Let your thoughts wander but don’t try to control them
  • Smile and feel the happiness running inside your veins as you finish the meditation
  • Remember, towards the end of the sohum meditation, it’s ok to express gratitude as well

Benefits Of So Hum Mantra Meditation

The benefits of sohum meditation can include:

1. Improved Mind-Body Connection

So hum mantra meditation is a breathing exercise that can help promote blood circulation in the body. When your physical body is relaxed, the mind automatically relaxes too. Practicing this sohum meditation can ease your tensed muscles, supply oxygen to the brain, and strengthen the development of the brain cells.

2. Better Concentration

So hum mantra meditation is a practice that can also help better your focus and concentration. Once you focus on your breathing, you expand your self-awareness as well. With increased self-awareness, you strive to focus well and increase your attentiveness.

3. Mental Clarity

So Hum Meditation can also improve your mental clarity by increasing the power of your memory. With regular practice of so hum meditation, you may feel mentally alert and agile.

4. Low-Stress Levels

So Hum Meditation can also help you control your emotional distress and bring forth feelings of bliss and contentment. When your stress is low, the negativity surrounding yourself also goes down. With this meditation, you can also learn to control your response to fear and anger.

5. Increased Happiness

When you’re constantly exposed to stress and negativity, it can easily cause feelings of mental fatigue to develop. To find happiness, So Hum Meditation can help you connect with your divine self and increase your awareness, thus bringing a sense of happiness and bliss to your life.

6. Improved Cognitive Function

So Hum Meditation also helps improve your cognitive function. By practicing this meditation, you improve your memory, perception, creativity, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. As you increase your attentiveness, your cognitive skills develop.

Wrap Up

So Hum Mantra meditation is a technique that can take you and your mind to connect with a spiritual or universal connection. Once you practice So Hum Meditation, you take your mind to a calm space where you can relax, answer questions, and connect with the “One” to achieve peace and solace.

For beginners of So Hum Meditation, it is advised to start with a timer of 20, 30, 40 minutes, and so on to avoid unhealthy distractions. I hope the above information will help you get into the habit of practicing So Hum meditation.

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Take care and keep meditating!

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