Understanding The Struggles Of LGBTQ+ Parenthood

Last Update on June 6, 2022 : Published on June 6, 2022
struggles of LGBTQ parenthood

The LGBTQ+ community as it is faces a lot of prejudice, judgment, injustice, etc about almost everything that we do in all walks of life. Be it schools, hospitals or other public spaces, the LGBTQ+ community has to go an extra mile just to get the things which are easily accessible. LGBT/queer parenting is one among many stuggles the community has to go through.

Did you know, till 1973, homosexual behavior was considered to be a mental disorder? It was only in the year 1974 that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a mental disorder because it did not cause any cognitive, behavioral or emotional disorganisation or disability.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) also advised clinicians to spread awareness ad work on removing the mental health stigma attached to homosexuality. Sadly, even after 49 years of the remarkable amendment, the LGBTQ+ community is struggling for their basic rights, leave alone LGBT parenting.

We all know LGBT parenthood is  not easy but do we really know about their struggles about being a lesbian or gay parent? In this blog we will talk about lgbt parenting (lesbian and gay parenting) and their struggles of LGBT parenthood.

Let’s get  started…

What is LBGTQ+ Parenting?

LGBTQ+ parenting can be referred to as people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community bringing up one or more children. It can be a couple of the same sex raising a child or two,  a single LGBTQ+ member raising a child or a couple in which at least one partner belongs to the LBGTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ parenting can easily be judged since it does not look like a conventional picture of parenting. In fact, those who oppose LGBTQ+ parenting even question the integrity of LGBT parenthood.

The scientific research on the other hand states the exact opposite. According to them LGBT parenting is as apt, correct and growth-promoting as is the hetrosexual parenting. That gives nobody the right to question LGBT parenting but  it’s still lesbian and gay parents lead the most judged and questioned life as LGBT parents.

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Struggles Of LGBT Parenting (Queer Parenting)

Parenting or becoming parents in itself is a task. In today’s times parenting for a hetrosexual couple is a challenge leave along queer parenting. The LGBT folkf struggle a lot to even become parents in the first place.

In many places. People belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are considered to be a bad influence therefore their children are not considered well groomed as well. Let’s look at some of the common struggles an LGBT parenting brings along;

  • Getting pregnant is difficult because if one of the partner has opted for a sex change, the sperm/egg is not that healthy,
  • Adopting or fostering is a very exhausting (mentally and financially) process,
  • In many places homosexuality is still illegal which stops them from having children, no matter what means you try to have them,
  • Schools, hospitals and various other organizations hesitate in admitting children of an LGBTQ+ parent,
  • The children of an LGBT parents bear the brunt if their parent’s not accept the society,
  • Many LGBT parents live with guilt of not proving their child the life they deserve,
  • They face constant judgment no matter what they do ,
  • Unemployment is one of the most tormenting factors that disturbed the very base of the LGBT parenting, etc.
  • Many states/countries do not have LGBTQ+ friendly adoption policies

The struggles in fact outnumber the entire LGBTQ+ community. These are only a few of the challenges faced by the community. LGBTQ+ parenthood is a lot more difficult than we can even imagine.

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What Effects Do These LGBT Parenting Challenges Have On The Mental Health Of LGBTQ+  Folks?

Well, anybody who deals with injustice, insecurity, judgment, etc on a daily basis will naturally begin to experience a decline in their mental health. Queer parenting in perticular is very challenging and these challenges can take a toll on their mental health.

  • Queer parenting or LGBT parenting can produce a lot of emotions and overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame which may lead to developing a mental health condition.
  • The process of becoming a Queer parent/LGBT parent can be exhausting and anxiety inducing.
  • In fact a study published in 2005 states that an IVF LGBT mother is most likely to be diagnosed with postpartum depression when compared with other IVF mothers
  • Many cases of queer parenting have succumbed to  the unjust that happen to them or their children and as a result develop depression
  • Single LGBT parenting can be tough since chronic loneliness can encircle you and directly attack your mental wellbeing
  • Constant judgment on LGBT parenting can lead to decreased self-esteem, self-confidence and increase insecurities and feelings of not being a good parent

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That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog informative and thought provoking. LGBT parenting pr queer parenting is already very tough and filled with a lot of challenge. The least that we can do of our LGBT friends and family is to not add to their misseries.

The Pride Month let’s pledge to help out all the people who are having LBGT parenting issues. It’s the month of love, let’s make love win this time. LBGT parents know how to raise their children, it’s time we acknowledge this fact and treat them as equals.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Pride!

Take care and stay safe.

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