Remarriage: Things To Make Your Second Marriage Successful

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Key points of this blog:

  • Studies show that around 15% of couples reconcile their marriage after separation, and around 6% of couples remarry after filing a divorce. 
  • Due to deep feelings, love, and affection towards each other, most couples remarry each other even after divorce. 
  • Couples counseling is an effective strategy to reconcile a marriage or remarry your ex.  
  • Loving someone again needs true dedication and commitment which is not an easy task. Only consider remarrying when you both are willing to reconcile your marriage.

They say marriages are made in heaven, maybe they’re right, but it takes a lot to keep a marriage successful. And, when the marriage becomes daunting, it’s always better to end it. This does not mean all doors are closed! Destiny always provides us with second chances; they can be a great opportunity to start life again.

If life is giving you an opportunity again… it may be high time to reconsider your remarriage. In this blog, I have shared some important insights that will help you remarry and will help you choose the right direction. 

Do you know around 60% of couples file a divorce even after their second marriage? Psychologists believe that remarrying your ex can be a better way to renew marriage especially when the steps are considered mindfully.

If you’re planning to remarry your partner again, it’s always better to reconsider. To help you choose the right direction, here’s an answer to your first question… Why Couples Remarry?

According to studies, couples decide to remarry each other even after filing for divorce because they recognize that problems in their marriage can be solved together only. If something didn’t work in your marriage in the past, some parts might need to be changed, and they only can be changed after getting back together.

For example, suppose a couple got divorced due to lack of intimacy, couples may reconnect with each other, work together, and build intimacy together because it’s a fact that lack of intimacy can be only solved together, getting separated will only increase the issues further. With the help of commitment, re-consideration, and inner strength, positive changes can be implemented again. Psychologists believe that there’s a solution to every problem in marriage.

For example, if there are financial issues, both partners can work together to build a better future, if there’s an addiction issue; both partners can work together towards sobriety. 

Couples remarry each other because relapse into destructive, old, or negative habits is common, during remarriage, couples come together to work on their relationships, communication skills, and other important aspects of marriage. 

Are You Considering Remarrying Your Ex? 

If you are considering remarrying your ex, you must prepare yourself to forget and forgive. You must be willing to find the lost affection together. Loving someone again needs true dedication and commitment which is not an easy task. Only consider remarrying when you both are willing to reconcile your marriage.

Most importantly, premarital counseling is important in covering the past-grounds before stepping into the new married life. It’s important to learn from the mistakes. 

To connect with a premarital or couples counselor, click below: 

Couple’s Counseling link 

Signs you’re ready to Remarry

Here are some green flags that mean that you’re ready to remarry: 

  • You are at peace with your past. 
  • You’ve self-forgive yourself for the mistakes you might have made in the past. 
  • You have come far mentally and physically after filing the divorce. 
  • You’re honest with yourself and your partner. 
  • You both share the same goals or values. 
  • You’re ready for commitment, communication, emotional intimacy, and trust. 

Challenges Commonly Faced During Remarriage

Generally, when couples remarry, they feel that things will automatically fall into the right place. However, that’s not true, when a separated couple thinks of remarrying; they might have to work on everything again and individually.

They might need to address things again such as financial shares, emotional intimacy, trust, and more. Remarriages come with several challenges and obstacles such as: 

  • Altered social connections 
  • Independence 
  • Financial issues
  • Past anger or resentment 
  • Shared children 

How to Make Remarriage Successful? 

Studies show that there are higher chances of divorce after a second marriage. Being prepared for the obstacles can make your remarriage work. Remarriages are not only marriage, but both partners must also be willing to reconcile their marriage, forgiving to forget, and open doors for new opportunities, here’s what you need to make your remarriage successful: 

1. Understand the baggage everyone has! 

When people get remarried to the same partners, they often bring the same unhealthy patterns and trust issues from the past. Such issues might sabotage your new relationship, therefore, don’t hurry, understand that everyone involved during the process is lacking confidence right now, including children. 

2. Be vulnerable 

Remarrying someone might make you feel extra conscious about your efforts, feelings, emotions, or wishes. Such consciousness might put your relationship in a dilemma. Therefore, be vulnerable towards intimacy and trust, and allow your partner to love you. 

3. Set healthy boundaries

One of the most important steps is to set healthy boundaries and realistic expectations, restore trust and love, start addressing your issues, and set boundaries accordingly. 

4. Be grateful 

During the process, treat everything with kindness, love, and trust. Most importantly, be grateful for the things you cherish about your spouse. Look after small things, efforts, and wishes to make your marriage successful, happy, and easy for both of you. 

5. Express your emotions to avoid misunderstandings

Take a risk to avoid big challenges, express your emotions, and stop stonewalling your relationship. Instead, take the help of mindful communication; express your feelings to avoid misunderstandings.

6. Mindfully resolve the conflicts

Conflicts can be effectively resolved only when one of you is ready to listen and comprehend. Be responsible for your actions and mindfully resolve the conflicts in your marriage with the help of active listening and emotional intimacy towards each other. 

I hope this blog helps you understand the psychology behind remarrying and things to consider marrying the same person again. Comment down and share your queries on the same. 

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Thanks for reading! 

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