Understanding The Role Of Sleep On Your Health

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on February 24, 2020

A known fact to all of us is that an adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep and for adolescents, it is 9-10 hours of sleep that is necessary to lead a healthy and happy life. But, just meeting these hours of sleep should not be the ultimate goal. Instead, having a quality and quantity of sleep is what one should strive for.

However, often people face difficulty in attaining a sound sleep thus, end up showing sleep deprivation symptoms. These symptoms can vary widely depending on age, gender, and demographics. By and large, some of the key symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritability
  • Increased cravings for carbohydrates
  • Having a fuzzy head
  • Lack of motivation for new as well as old tasks
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent yawning
  • Reduced sex drive

Understanding The Role Of Sleep On Your Health

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If these primary symptoms of sleep deprivation are not well taken care of then the intensity of them is likely to increase which might result in:

  • Lack of empathy and intolerance toward others
  • Reduced positive thinking
  • Inability to solve problems or take basic life decisions
  • Poor impulse control and inability to delay gratification
  • Believing in magical and superstitious thinking

As a result of these signs of sleep deprivation, an individual is likely to face difficulties in various areas of life ranging from poor job/academic performance to low self-esteem. So, it is important to overcome these symptoms of sleep deprivation. As with good sleep comes wholesome good benefits!

Let us look what good sleep can do to you:

As Dalai Lama quotes ~

“Sleep is the best Meditation”

Well, it holds true! Because of the benefits that good sleep has to offer to you, are no less than that of meditation. It is beneficial for both the body and the brain. Along with this, it paves our way towards a healthier and happier life altogether.

Physical Benefits of Good Sleep

  • Sleep has restorative functions for mind unlike any other physical activity which focuses on everything but mind
  • Maintains healthy body weight
  • Reduced chances of diabetes
  • Better immune system

Psychological Benefits of Good Sleep

  • Increased concentration
  • Better memory and recall
  • Enhanced creativity and productivity
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced focus on negative things
  • A lower level of stress
  • Boosts Happy mood

These benefits clearly depict that slipping into slumber is a necessity instead!!! So make sure you don’t miss on yours, fella. So now if you are wondering how ‘I can remove these signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation and enjoy the above-mentioned benefits,’ here is a list of solutions.

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Here are some of the proven ways to achieve this goal of yours:

  • Turn off electronic devices 30 minutes prior to your bedtime
  • Avoid any fluid/alcohol/caffeine/drug intake before going to sleep
  • Eat a light meal or a healthy snack before bedtime
  • Go to bed when you are actually sleepy, otherwise sit on a chair, couch or bean bag; use your bed only for sleeping
  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule that covers the sleeping target as per your age
  • Even after 20 minutes of tossing and turning on bed does not lead to sleep, get out of the bed
  • The atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet and relaxing with minimal brightness of lights
  • Wear comfortable clothes when you go off to bed
  • If you are on medication, take them at least 30 minutes before you to go sleep
  • Avoid taking irregular or long naps during daytime as it tends to disturb the entire circadian rhythm
  • Set a comfortable room temperature to have an undisturbed and quality sleep
  • Take a warm bath, shower or even foot bath to relax before going to bed
  • Exercise regularly but not before going to help as your body will be in an active state that time
  • Have a comfortable mattress, bed, and pillow as it can enhance sleep
  • Never go to bed mad, relax before sleeping

Follow these easy to incorporate lifestyle changes and feel the difference in your life overall. You can also share your experience and other suggestions with us in the comment section below. However, even after bringing these changes in your lifestyle if the symptoms of sleep deprivation persist than seeing a specialist is recommended.

Bonus Tips!!!

There is always some or the other natural remedy to help you elevate a life condition. The same applies to your sleeping pattern as well. Here are some of the natural tips that can help you say goodbye to the signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation:

Cherries: These little red fruits are loaded with melatonin. This, in turn, creates a sense of calmness on one hand and causes drowsiness-inducing slumber on the other. So, drinking a glass of cherry juice 30 minutes before bedtime can help you. In fact, they are the only edible source of melatonin available for human consumption.

Milk: Milk contains an amino acid known as tryptophan that aids in sleeping. To increase the wonder power of milk add turmeric or cinnamon to it. This will soothe the nerves and induce sleep.

Almonds and Walnuts: Apart from being packed with grog-inducing tryptophan these crunchy nuts also are loaded with magnesium and calcium which helps in achieving quality sleep.

Chamomile Tea: The relaxing properties of chamomile tea have been known for a long time now. It functions as a mild sedative that calms the nerves, eases insomnia, reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.

Turkey Meat: Although there are mixed research results about the turkey means and its impact on the sleep, the positive impact weighs more than the other side of the argument. The amino acid present in turkey is said to metabolize into melatonin and serotonin which are the two chemicals that aid in sleep.

Banana: The yellow fruit has the power of three muscle-relaxing components in it, that are, carbohydrates, magnesium, and potassium.

 Cheese: Again, cheese is rich in tryptophan which aids sedateness in you thus helps in sleeping.

Dark Chocolate: The benefits of dark chocolate have a role to play in a sound sleep. The serotonin in the bar calms the nerves and mind. This helps in catching up on some valuable sleep. Also, it is considered to be one of the best sleep-inducing foods!

So, go to the grocery store now, put all these 8 items in your cart and welcome a sound sleep. Make way for sanity by getting proper sleep and fighting against the symptoms of sleep deprivation…

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