5 Simple but Healthy Eating Habits that You Should Adopt ASAP

Last Update on August 11, 2020 : Published on February 20, 2020

There are so many habits that we have picked up from the time we were born but are we doing everything in the right manner? Have you ever wondered that even the simple things that we do every day, and each day could have been done wrong? I am not saying that each and everyone is wrong, but a majority definitely is.

Even I was not aware of some of these a while ago, but as I came across them, I was surprised to find out that almost everyone I knew, was unaware of them, some knew but didn’t adopt. These are quite simple but the impact they put is significant but mostly ignored. Today, I am going to share with you some of these habits, let’s see how many of these do you follow:

healthy eating habits

Simple but Healthy Eating Habits:

1. How to Drink Water:

good eating habits

I am not talking about how you should drink more and more water and how it is important for skin, digestion and what not. Here I want to talk about the way one drinks water and time when one drinks. According to Ayurveda, you should never drink water just after meals, it slows down the digestion. It is also advised to drink water slowly, sip by sip rather than gulping it all down in a single go. The water needs to be properly mixed with the saliva, because of the enzymes that are present in it. These enzymes get activated when they come in contact with hydrochloric acid in your stomach, aiding digestion.

2.   When to Eat Food:

healthy food habits

One should take care of not only what he eats but also of when he eats. The time does matter. Eating after sunset is probably not a good idea. Your body does not follow your clock or your schedule, it follows the biological clock that is inbuilt in the body. Once the sun goes down, your body lowers its temperature accordingly and slows down all the processes including digestion. It happens because the body prepares itself for sleep. So try to eat your dinner light and on time.

3.   How to Eat Food:

good food habits

We usually have our meals in groups, with friends, family and even if we are eating alone, we do it by indulging ourselves in some other activity or multitasking.  Whenever you sit down to enjoy your meal try to separate yourself. Try to eat alone, without doing anything else. Just eat…slowly, savor every bite, and if possible be mindful of every bit of this process. Feel the food grinding in your mouth and going down your throat as you gulp it. This may be quite hard to do when you are at the office, school or at some social gathering but you can always try it at home. Try this 1-2 times, it won’t take long or much effort, but you will definitely feel the change. Eating slowly will help you eat less, which in turn will help you lose weight.

4.   Never Starve:

5 good eating habits

This goes even for the people who are on strict dieting. If you are starving it means your body is sending you signals that you need to have something urgently. Cravings increase when you starve which results in eating unhealthy and binge eating. Both scenarios are not good if you are trying to maintain your body. Also when we don’t eat for longer periods, our body lowers the rate of metabolism to cope up, which in turn also slows down weight loss.

5.   Eat food that is Alive:

better eating habits

I want to clear the first things first, I am not talking about any animals or anything that comes under the category “ non-vegetarian”. I am talking about veggies, fruits, salads, beans, seeds, etc. Eating cooked food is a good thing as it kills the bacteria and most of the germs, but it also kills many nutrients and vitamins. It is recommended that a large portion of our daily diet should include uncooked or unprocessed veggies and fruits. It keeps our digestion in a better condition and also preserves the nutrition.

So these were 5 simple but healthy eating habits that I wanted to share with you. Eating raw saves time, energy and is super healthy but be sure to clean them properly before consumption and don’t start eating all the veggies raw. Most of them should be cooked thoroughly before any consumption. You can consult your doctor or nutritionist for more information on what to eat and what to avoid.

Also, make sure to approach a professional before starting any diet plan. And finally, whatever you eat, try to be happy. If you are dieting strictly and ate something which you shouldn’t then too don’t beat yourself over it. Attitude impacts your body too and not only food. So it is perfectly fine to enjoy the feast from time to time.

Comment below and do let us know if you have adopted any new habit which is not mentioned above. Also, tell us what change it brought in your life.

Thanks for Reading!

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