Missing Someone? Here’s What To Do When You Are Missing someone!

Last Update on December 24, 2021 : Published on December 26, 2021
What to do when you miss someone

Missing someone is a feeling we have all experienced and how. It’s one of the worst feelings and you keep wondering how you can stop missing someone? Everything around you might remind you of that special someone you are missing.

What to do when you are missing someone? I am sure you must have tried to get this feeling off of you but their memories come flashing back right? I always struggle with managing my feelings and emotions when I am away from people. That’s why I know how important it is to find a way to stop missing someone so much that it begins to affect your day to day activities.

I have read as much as I could and found a few things you can do when you miss someone and be productive rather than just existing. But why do we miss people in the first place?

Why Do We Miss People?

We are social beings and connecting with other people comes naturally to us. We meet thousands of people but our frequency matches with only a few people. Those few people have a special place in our heart because we tend to share our ups and downs with them.

When those few people move away from you because of any reason you start to become uncomfortable with their absence. You feel like you need to see them or talk to them and that’s because you are missing them.

There are a lot of reasons why you might miss someone so bad. You might be missing them because you love them and are habitual to them being around you. You might miss a lost friend or companion maybe because you’re not on good terms anymore.

You know what’s worse than missing someone? Them not missing us back, it just sucks!

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What Happens When Someone You Miss Doesn’t Miss You back?

Missing someone as it is overwhelming but not having them miss us back is just heartbreaking. I always wonder, when missing someone is not a good feeling, why do we get upset when others don’t miss us back? Do we want our loved ones to feel miserable too?

It’s difficult to understand, we don’t want them to be sad but we can’t stand that they don’t miss us. This feeling messes with our mind and we go on a roller coaster of emotions. We skip our daily routine, are irritated most of the time and even stop socialising because nothing feels good without them.

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Missing someone is natural but it shouldn’t affect our life so much that we topple down to just being so melancholic and not being productive at all.

Here’s what you can do instead…

How To Cope With Missing Someone?

A. Self care is your best friend:

before you think of doing anything else, self care should be the first step. If you are missing someone you have already dealt with a range of emotions and now it’s time to take care of yourself. Relax your mind and body.

B. Acknowledge your feelings:

although I want you to recover from missing someone, I also want you to acknowledge your feelings. Once you come to terms with your feelings, it will be easier for you to accept reality.

C. Do not bury your face in the ground like an ostrich:

I know you don’t feel like going out and talking to anyone. Trust me, interacting with others will divert your mind from the memories plus making new friends or reconnecting with others is always a good thing.

D. Do things you enjoy:

rather than dwelling on your thoughts, try to invest your time in something that you really enjoy. It will make you feel good and being productive is better than being useless.

E. Spend time with them virtually:

it’s a virtual world and we can reach any place at any time now. Go on a virtual date with your friend or family or whoever you are missing.

F. Get professional help:

sometimes you can’t help yourself and that’s the time you need to seek help from a professional. If missing someone is messing with your mind and is hindering your daily life.

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Final Thoughts…

Missing someone is a terrible feeling. You don’t feel like doing anything at all. Now, it’s all normal if the intensity of this feeling fades in someone but if it doesn’t, it can cause some serious problems.

Make sure you always take a healthy path to miss someone. If it starts to get unhealthy you know what to do, get help!

I hope you know what to do when you are missing someone. I know it’s not easy but coping with missing someone is not impossible. Share this blog with someone you know who misses people all the time.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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