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Quit Your Addictions Now! Using Self-Isolation to Start De-Addiction

While scrolling through my social media post I came across various memes on how self-isolation, quarantine, lockdown are making it difficult for those with one or the other...
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10 Effective Ways to Deal With Paranoid Personality Disorder

You might be aware of the symptoms of paranoid personality disorder and can find information pertaining to the same on various online sources. However, with little or no...
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What is Rumination

What is Rumination? What Toll Can it Take?

No don’t worry, this article certainly isn’t about cows or their habits. It is about you. Yes you. I know you don’t ruminate like cows do but there...
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Social isolation brings out the frustration and suffocation in people. Through this blog, we are highlighting some best tips to support your loved ones during the pandemic situation of coronavirus.

How to Support Loved Ones During Coronavirus

We all are worried about the pandemic situation of coronavirus and ensuring that our loved ones are safe during this phase. Meanwhile, you can’t be with your loved...
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Types of Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

Generally, we tend to assume that there are two types of eating disorders- eating too much or eating too little! Well, let me break it for you. Eating...
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Deep Breathing With Pranayama

Moving From Shallow to Deep Breathing With Pranayama

Have you ever focused on your breathing? How often do we let the oxygen we inhale reach our abdomen? Not that frequent, right! Rather we let the inhaled...
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How To Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

Maya Angelou rightly quoted “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” We all have...
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4 Types of Stress in Psychology : How to Control Stress?

Table of Content:  1. What is Stress 2. Types of Stress in Psychology 3. How Stress Affects our Physical and Mental Wellbeing 4. How to Control stress As...
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Two Major Challenges Of Living With An Invisible Illness

Two Major Challenges Of Living With An Invisible Illness

As we know the world is full of emotions and we try to grasp those sentiments within us. But you know there are various people out there who...
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