Be Awesome, You! 10 Ways to Become More Body Positive

Last Update on October 12, 2023 : Published on October 15, 2023
How to be More Body Positive

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Ever since I was little, I’ve been told that if I didn’t keep an eye on my weight, no one would like me or would want to be with me. To me, it was my future that depended on my weight and body shape. And let’s face it; in a world that is obsessed with narrow beauty standards and Instagram-filter perfection, there’s a sore need for body positivity and confidence to rise.

With awareness and acceptance increasing in modern society, body positivity and body confidence emerge as a knight in shining armor fighting for self-affirmation and self-worth. Body positivity is a journey that has the potential to transform not only how you see yourself but also how you experience life.

It’s a journey filled with self-love, self-acceptance, and an understanding that you are awesome just as you are – whatever body shape or size.

Buckle your seatbelts as we learn the best ways to become more body positive and increase body confidence one step at a time. Let’s learn to celebrate the most important person in your life aka YOU!

What is Body Positivity?

Body Positivity

When I talk about body positivity, I talk about metaphorically giving yourself the biggest hug of self-esteem you can. Body positivity is about loving and accepting yourself – specifically your body – as it is, regardless of shape, size, or flaws. Body positivity is about seeing and understanding that your worth doesn’t solely depend on your physical appearance and body shape, but on the awesome person you are within.

Why is it important to increase Body Confidence?

In early research, it was found that having a positive body image can be linked to higher self-esteem. When you love your body as it is, you feel infinitely better about yourself from within. In another 2016 study, it was revealed that practicing body positivity can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, contributing to better overall well-being.

Let’s talk about aspects other than mental health, shall we? Body positivity is said to help you strengthen relationships as well. When you’re comfortable with your body as it is, you find it easier to connect with others. Interestingly, embracing your body has also been reported to have healthy effects on how you eat. A 2006 research article says that a positive body image can contribute to healthy eating habits.

“Your body is your home, and it’s a place worthy of love, respect, and celebration.”

Increase Body Positivity in 10 Simple Ways

Coming to the ways you can increase body confidence, here are some practical tips to help you be more body positive, one day at a time;

Increase Body Positivity

1. Unfollow toxicity:

The first rule of becoming body positive is to clean up the clutter in your social media. You might be following some social media accounts that might be unintentionally harming your body image, so check it out and unfollow any toxic accounts. Choose to follow those accounts and influencers who promote self-love and acceptance.

2. Be self-compassionate:

No matter what happens, don’t forget to stay self-compassionate. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend or a loved one. Be kind, gentle, and forgiving to yourself. If you find yourself drowning in guilt or negativity, then don’t be too harsh on yourself. Gently pick yourself up and be kind to yourself.

3. Compliment yourself, if no one else does:

There have been times in my life when I felt my best, but others found something to criticize me for anyway. I wish I had known this trick back then. No matter what you wear or how you look, find one thing to love about yourself every day. It could be your smile, your creative mind, or your sense of humor. It doesn’t have to be body-related.

4. Focus on staying fit, not size:

My elders have always told me to focus on reducing my size but no one ever told me to focus on staying healthy. So, I’m telling you this; focus on your health, not on your size. Make smart choices that help nourish your body and mind. Staying healthy is more important than staying lean or thin.

5. Welcome positivity:

When negativity and toxicity can be contagious, so can positivity. If you choose to surround yourself with positive people and welcome body positivity with open arms, only then can you become more body confident. Spend time with people who uplift you and support you. Choose to welcome positivity in your life and say bye-bye to negative people.

6. Dress to make yourself happy:

You must have heard, “Dress to impress”, now get ready for, “Dress to make yourself happy”. One of the aspects of body positivity is that you don’t do anything to make others around you happy; you do things – even dressing up – to make yourself feel happy and accepting. So, forget what the fashion industry has to tell you. Wear what makes you feel happy. If you choose the most comfortable pair of PJs, then good for you!

7. Stay in the present:

It can be easy to lose yourself in the negative pool of your mind when someone criticizes you, but it takes a brave person to stay in the present. You can learn to stay in the present and enjoy the present moment by practicing mindfulness. This practice can also help you connect with your body and become more aware of its needs and sensations.

8. Don’t let weight weigh you down:

When age can be just a number, so can weight. Don’t let your weight define who you are and what you’re worth. Those days are long gone now! Your weight or your size doesn’t determine your value and self-esteem, so let go of this burden and become weightless, pun intended!

9. Talk positive to yourself:

Increasing body confidence doesn’t come without some negative thoughts and self-talk. So when you catch yourself criticizing your body and size, question yourself about where these thoughts came from. Replace this negative self-talk with positive talk. You can also use body positivity affirmations to replace negative thoughts.

10. Don’t be afraid to seek support:

If you’re struggling to increase body confidence and work on becoming more body positive, then don’t be afraid to seek support. You are not alone in your journey. With the help and support of a professional counselor or therapist, you can learn to accept yourself – body shape, size, flaws, and all. A therapist can also offer valuable guidance and tips to help you become more body positive.

Keep Being Awesome!

Working on body positivity and building body confidence is a journey that can sometimes be filled with criticism, self-loathing, and disapproval. But amid all this, don’t forget that you’re a unique and awesome person who deserves all the love, respect, and acceptance in the world. With patience, self-awareness, and a dash of positive self-talk, you can learn to accept your body – flaws and all – one day at a time.

In the words of Blake Lively, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”. So, try these above-listed ways to increase body confidence and be more body positive today and see how you transform into a beautiful person!

Did this article help you find ways to be more body positive? Let me know your thoughts and views on body positivity in the comments box below.

Take Care and Stay Confident!

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