Shyness: Causes, Signs & How To Overcome It?

Last Update on October 1, 2020 : Published on October 3, 2020

Those who are sunk in shyness or feel awkward in the public knows it’s not easy to deal with the pressure they feel in the moment. Shyness is a feature which makes a person feel awkward when they have to talk to others or even when someone approaches them to talk. Shyness makes people avoid speaking in public and even a thought about the same causes a huge discomfort in them.

Now the question is why people feel shy, what are the signs associated with it and how to overcome shyness. Thankfully, there is answer to every question here and become confident in every aspect of your life.

What Causes Shyness?

Researchers claim that some people are born with shy traits and a biological difference in their brains is already present. They usually have low self-confidence, extreme self-consciousness and fear of getting judged or rejected.

Another cause of shyness could be the environment in which an individual has grown up. If his or her parents have been authoritarian or overprotective, the child may have trouble in developing new social skills.

Children having shy parents often find themselves as shy amidst a number of people. Moreover, other factors like school environment, peer group, communities and culture are important factors in shaping up human behavior. It is also important to know that instances like public humiliation or critical workplace environment impact the person’s psychological impact towards his life.

Signs Of Shyness

Fear and anxiety are two major elements of shyness. When someone doesn’t want to leave their parents or someone known at all, they are going through deep shyness. Some of the shy people do not perform well in the first few weeks of their workplace or institution.

In fact, some could show aggressive behavior to hide their shy attitude from the world. But those who are avoided or neglected by mass are also likely to fall in the trap of social anxiety or shy nature.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety & Shyness?

The good news is that you have ways to overcome social anxiety and shyness using the methods below. Just make sure that you maintain your will power and patience during the process.

1.Ssshhh! Don’t Let Anyone Know

When you visit a new place, try staying calm. Those who don’t know you may never even know about your shyness. You might feel once that everyone is noticing it but in reality, your shyness is not as visible as you think. This may not help in overcoming shyness but it does give you confidence to deal with new people.

2.Engage In Small Talks

It is not that you have to discuss all the political parties today, so start building the tempo with small talks. Maybe you can start with a smile or a gesture. There is no harm in talking to strangers at bars, theaters, sporting events, etc. What will happen at most, they will not reply to you back, right? But who cares! Let’s take a chance and grow yourself with every passing chance.

3.Don’t Hesitate In Trying Something New

Go for the hobby classes which you want to enrich within you. Not only you will learn skills like cooking, a new language or swimming but also it helps you to meet new people and get out of the comfort zone. When you develop confidence in new areas, you free yourself from the fear of having anxiety in public or the fear of getting rejected.

4.Practice Speaking

When you are with your friends or at your workplace, start engaging with people, perceive the idea and try being a little more expressive. It is true that even introverted people can master the art of public speaking. Do not worry about being judged, anyone could be judged for anything. Forget about it and say what you wish to.

5.Attain Mindfulness

Overcoming shyness would be easier if you are aware and present in the moment. With that, keep appreciating yourself for all the goodness you have. Don’t assume that you will make mistakes rather focus on how well you can do it. It will help you to keep in track with your discussions and make you better. Practice meditation on a daily basis and feel confident with every step you take.

Treatment For Shyness

There are psychological treatments that can be thought about to treat shyness and become confident. Psychotherapy is assisted to improve social skills, understand the reasons behind shyness and remove negative thinking patterns.

Group therapies in children and adults help them to open up with a limited number of people. As confidence is built, the person leaves behind all the shyness soon. If the shyness comes with anxiety, different relaxation techniques and treatments are suggested by the experts.


Being shy is OK. Don’t worry about it. But if you have landed here, we hope that you will free yourself from the clutches of shyness and learn to be brave like others. If you wish to connect yourself to a shyness treatment, drop a message at

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