15 Best Parenting Podcasts That Will Fit Your Busy Life

Last Update on April 5, 2024 : Published on April 7, 2024

A parent’s work is never done. Between juggling work, relationships, and the never-ending needs of your children, you can begin to feel overwhelmed and even burned out. But fear not! In the day and age of information overload, podcasts come as a beacon of support. We all listen to podcasts — at least I do! — and let me tell you, these audio gems are lifesavers.

From knowledge and humor to real-life experiences, these podcasts deliver you what you need through your headphones while you’re folding laundry, commuting, or even sneaking a quick shower.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro aka parents of teens or new parents, parenting podcasts can be a game-changer for you. Tune in to learn positive discipline techniques or simply connect with parents who just “get it”. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that “Best Mom/Dad” cup (or a glass of wine!) and get ready to discover the best parenting podcasts to better your parenting experience.

Do Parents Benefit From Parenting Podcasts?

Parenting is one field where you need constant learning, but at the same time, carving out time for books and courses can be a struggle. Parenting podcasts can offer bite-sized episodes of wisdom that fit into your schedule and routine. Plus, parenting podcasts can feature a diverse range of professionals – from child psychologists to experienced parents – who offer insights on parenting tricks.

Parenting might be a rewarding experience, but it can also feel isolating. Especially when your child is going through those terrible two, pre-teen angst, or even teen angst. Podcasts can make you feel a sense of community by allowing you to connect with other parents who understand your struggles and triumphs.

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Lastly, parenting podcasts can offer you a much-needed escape from your chaos-filled home. Even a 20-minute break with a dose of humor, insightful conversations, or just some cheesy parenting tips can take your mind off the daily grind.

Now that you know the benefits of parenting podcasts, let’s take a look at some of the best parenting podcasts of 2024.

Best Parenting Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

 1. The New Dad Podcast

The New Dad podcast is geared toward new fathers. This podcast offers practical advice, humor, and support for all new parents navigating parenthood. With hosts Daniel Handler and Josh Levine, listen to balanced and lighthearted anecdotes with practical and actionable tips to manage new parenthood.

Listen here

2. Good Inside With Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky Bailey, a renowned expert in positive parenting and discipline, offers practical advice and strategies to boost cooperation and respect in children. The host’s gentle, encouraging, and proactive approach can resonate with parents – new and seasoned alike – seeking alternatives to traditional parenting and discipline methods.

Listen here

3. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Janet Lansbury is a veteran parenting coach and educator who offers practical advice on raising confident and capable children through the “Respectful Parenting” podcast. Her philosophy focuses on empathy, respectful communication, and allowing children to learn through the natural consequences of their actions.

Listen here

4. The Peaceful Parenting Podcast

Peaceful Parenting podcast, hosted by Sarah Rosensweet talks about tools, resources, and strategies that every parent needs to calm their children and allow them to listen to their parents. This podcast offers insights and information you need to make your parenting experience a more peaceful one.

Listen here

5. The Longest Shortest Time

Another parenting podcast on our list is The Longest Shortest Time. This award-winning podcast explores the messy (and beautiful) parenting journey. With hosts Hillary Kelly and Clint Edwards, you can explore various parenting topics – from mental health to family dynamics – all with humor and honesty.

Listen here

6. The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour podcast features interviews with experts and authors of parenting books and topics. With hosts Sarah McLean and Megan Hale, you can listen to a well-rounded approach to parenting, covering a host of topics from discipline and screen time to boosting a sense of self in your kid.

Listen here

7. The Dad Pod

Another parenting podcast you need to add to your list is the Dad Pod Podcast. Hosted by Dads for Dads, this podcast explores the challenges and joys of fatherhood. Hear from dads from various walks of life as they discuss balancing work and family to how to build meaningful relationships with their children.

Listen here

8. The Funny Think About Parenting

If you’re looking for humor in parenting, then this podcast is for you! This humor-filled parenting podcast hosted by Lisa Weissman and Jessica Valenti talks about the absurdity and humor of everyday parenthood. Get those headphones and listen to relatable anecdotes and celebrity interviews with a healthy dose of humor.

Listen here

9. Raising Good Humans

Parents need support and the best support a parent can get is from someone who understands the challenges of parenthood. Host Dr. Aliza Pressman, a developmental psychologist, educator, and co-founder of Mount Sinai Parenting Center and Seedlings Group is here for you. In each episode, you’ll explore effective approaches and tools to take care of your little humans and make this parenting thing less overwhelming and more joyful.

Listen here

10. The Business of Fatherhood

Hosted by author, speaker, and Dad coach Ben Killoy, The Business of Fatherhood is a weekly podcast to inspire and help busy dads with fatherhood. This podcast explores the challenges of generational trauma, positive living, and how to create a lasting legacy of change for children.

Listen here

11. Minimalist Moms

This podcast is designed to help moms live a purposeful life. Minimalist Moms talks about mindsets, daily routines, and connections with others. With host Diane Boden, you can listen to conversations with experts. Together, you can learn about the benefits of minimalism, intentionality, and embracing simplicity in life.

Listen here

12. The Balanced Parent Podcast

Parenting is an extreme sport! It has its moments of chaos and excitement. But what every parent needs is balance. This podcast brings you that. Hosted by Dr. Laura Froyen, this podcast can help you find tools, mindset shifts, and practices to calm if you’re an overwhelmed, stressed-out, and disconnected parent. Take charge of your parenting and find balance with this parenting podcast!

Listen here

13. Dad University Podcast

The Dad University podcast is the best place to go if you’re a dad looking for advice on parenting, relationships, and family life. This podcast explores relatable content shared by an engaging speaker – Jason Kreidman. From new dads to pro dads, this parenting podcast is helpful for anyone seeking reassurance, confidence, and insight into fatherhood.

Listen here

14. The Fatherly Podcast

Listen to famous fathers as they talk about their experiences in an open and honest conversation with Joshua David Stein and Jason Gay. This podcast is humorous, real, and everything you need as a father. From advice to tips on how to nail fatherhood, this podcast has it all.

Listen here

15. Authentic Parenting

Raising children means raising yourself along with them. Establish that goal with Authentic Parenting, a weekly podcast where you learn calm, connection, and joy in parenting. This podcast will help you work on self-discovery and inner growth in a world where finding calm seems impossible.

Listen here

Happy Listening!

Parenting podcasts can be a good (if not valuable) resource for support, knowledge, and a sense of community for parents – new and seasoned. Whether you’re seeking advice, tips, or humor in parenting, these podcasts are here for you.

So, grab those headphones and tune in to embark on a learning journey with humor, laughs, and tears along the way.

Remember to find the best parenting podcast for your needs. Explore all and find the one that is the most relatable for you.

Happy listening! Let us know which parenting podcast you found interesting in the comments below.

Take Care!

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