Best Place To Sit When You Are Working From Home!

Last Update on September 1, 2020 : Published on April 17, 2020

This is quarantine time and we are already missing our work place, isn’t it? Some of you agree and others might not! But honestly, I missed working at my office. I couldn’t agree with the fact that we have a proper sitting area that helps us to stay focused and proactive.

But when we are working at home, either we will find a place to sit on the dining table, or a yoga mat or even a bathtub. But wait who sits and works in the bathtub? Okay never mind, home is a place where we can roam, eat and sleep freely!

Back to the point, in this blog we will discuss the places to sit when we are working from home!

Stay focused as these hacks could help you in #WFH!

1. A Chair

a Chair

Okay I understand the chair at your home may or may not be comfortable as the one you left behind at the workplace. But trust me; the chair at your kitchen table is the closest substitute that you can get at your home.

When you are sitting on a stern chair with a correct posture along with a table and desk at the correct height, it will make you more comfortable and more focused. If you are unable to sit properly while working on a laptop, you can place a book or box for help.

2. The Floor

the Floor

We may get discomfort while sitting on the floor because our posture may not be correct. In this position our legs may hurt or might be our shoulder could pain too. But if you have a laptop or computer on your lap and sit all straight without caving your chest and shoulder, this posture can make you work in a comfortable manner.

I know most of you are not ready to ditch chairs and set up working on the floor but trust me this is another easiest way to stay focused.

3. The Couch

the Couch

Here is the couch everyone’s favorite! Yes mine too… Almost every work is done by sitting on the couch, whether it’s watching TV, or taking a power nap, the couch has everything. As I have seen we have a habit of sitting criss-cross applesauce along with a laptop on our lap. Trust me, this is the worst way of doing WFH.

I know this is an easy posture to work but this way of sitting will develop muscle tension and it will not be good for you in future. But still if you want to slouch on the couch follow the basic hacks. When you are working on the couch make sure there is no TV and you are fully occupied with coffee.

Sit in a proper manner or the way you sit at the office, this will not develop any stress in the muscles.

4. A Backless Stool

Backless Stool

This is another good option, if you don’t have a proper chair. Backless stool will make you attentive because you will be concerned about not to fall down. If you don’t have a regular chair and table combo, get a backless stool!

Sitting on this stool will make you active but there is also a dark side, when you are sitting in this position for a longer period of time, will make your spine turn into a “C-curve. If you have decided to work on a backless stool make sure to hold your spine, shoulder, hips and back at a 90- degree angle in order to avoid any stress or muscle tensions.

5. A Beanbag

a Beanbag

Nowadays, everyone has a beanbag at their home and sitting on it while working from home is full of fun and comfort. Another good fact regarding bean bags is that it helps in reducing back pain and psychological stress along with depressive disorders.

Honestly, I don’t need any posture on this plushy and comfy bean bag. Take a laptop and a cup of coffee and start working…

What’s Your Method?

Here we go mate! I hope you like this article and have shared it with your other friends, colleagues or family members who are working from home. We want to know your best place to sit when you are #WFH?

Don’t forget to tell us how you like this article! We are open for conversation too!

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