Is It Okay To Have Short-Term Goals In The Post-Pandemic Era?

Last Update on March 10, 2022 : Published on March 12, 2022
Is it okay to have short-term goals in the post-pandemic era

I still remember the time when we were into a lockdown, streets were emptied and stress into being a lockdown was increased. That time, my mind kept wandering about things that were paused like my career, my goals, my job, my finances, and more. The major cause of this situation was isolation and loneliness.

Whenever I tried to have a conversation with someone, the speech-making only started with, “Once we get the vaccine, I will resume my job, I will resume my career, I will resume my goals, and I will resume working on myself…and whatnot.”

The outbreak of Covid-19 kept everything on hold. We were not aware that the wait for “things getting normal” is going to take so much time. Well, now most of us have been vaccinated and we are all set to go back to normal.

Now, we can focus on our long-term goals…right? Well, maybe not?

Indeed, things are getting normal but we still have to wear masks, still have to get tested before going anywhere, and still have to think about visiting public places. We have the solution, we have the vaccine, but we are still afraid of uncertainties and unpredictability, right?

Research shows that people are moving towards short-term goals in the post-pandemic era because they are afraid of temporary and fleeting things.

This blog covers “Is it okay to have short-term goals in the post-pandemic era?”

To answer this question, let us see why people are letting go of long-term plans?

Why are we letting go of our long-term plans?

we letting-go-of-our-long-term-plans

I wonder if it is okay to follow the footmarks of our ancestors, mentors, teachers, or leaders. Previously, long-term goals were considered to be fulfilling. But, the post-pandemic era is completely different.

Nowadays, people are moving on to “finding joy in what works best for them in the present.” They are not thinking about their future. They are living in the present because somewhere they have accepted the reality that life is unpredictable and the world is full of uncertainties.

Planning for the future might not work for them but planning for today (present moment) will definitely work for them. I think this is a simply acceptable outlook!

If you ask me, right now I am more concerned about my mental health, vaccination, eating the right food, exercising, and getting enough sleep. This is kind of satisfactory and fulfilling. I am not expecting much from life; instead, I have compelled my own short-term goals.

In an interview, I read about famous Psychologist and Professor Sabrina Romanoff stating that “by making short-term goals, there is more certainty they can be executed and in turn reinforces feelings of hopefulness, accomplishment, and progress.”

The idea behind living in the present moment is to:

  • Enjoy the present
  • Finding joy in the present
  • Not getting stuck in the past or future
  • Living the present to the fullest
  • Not having spiraledfeelings

Fact: We are finding joy in the present!


I am not saying that long-term goals should not be set. All I am saying is that long-term goals make us feel anxious or stressed when they are not fulfilled and especially when life serves us another pandemic, war, politician reviews, or more.

Instead of thinking or planning to do something in the future, most of us are considering doing it right away, no matter how big or small. If I am planning to go on an adventure, I might go for it right away because life is so uncertain; we never know what’s coming next. Hence, we are finding joy in the present.

Dr. Romanoff appropriately stated that

“Over the past few years, people have set goals, expectations, and plans for the future which were repeatedly crushed by unexpected developments, new strains, breakthrough cases, and shutdowns.”

“By making short-term goals, there is more certainty they can be executed and in turn reinforces feelings of hopefulness, accomplishment, and progress.”

Overall, we should all focus on making small steps instead of planning for long-term goals or the future. Taking a step back, re-considering our goals, making small steps every day brings satisfaction, a sense of certainty, and positivity.

How we can cope with such unpredictable life?

we-can-cope-with-such-unpredictable life

Talking about uncertainties, unpredictable life, and setting short-term goals, here are some tips to cope with it:

  • Focus on what’s controllable, it will help you feel less stressed and empowered.
  • Focus on grounding techniques while working on your short-term goals.
  • Focus on the present, it will help you in feeling mindful and positive.
  • Do not reflect on your mistakes and challenges, focus on your strengths.
  • Practice self-compassion and build your inner confidence.
  • Practice gratitude appreciates the opportunities you have today.

I hope this blog helps you in getting synced with short-term goals in the post-pandemic era along with coping tips. Comment down your views on the short-term goals and post-pandemic era. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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