How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety? Top 10 Ways To De-stress!

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Feeling Stressed or anxious is very common these days. The basic of relieving stress aims to make you happy. So, find your happiness in every little detail and improve the routine with the top 10 ways.  Anxiety is impacting the lives of 40 million US citizens alone. Imagine where the world is leading in terms of mental health.

Well, here we will only be focusing on how to relieve stress and anxiety is such a fast-moving world and keep yourself motivated for happy things in your life.

How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety?

1. Exercise Can Help To Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Some physical stress leads to relieving mental stress. It is also a proven fact that those who exercise more than 3 days a week have a stronger mind and better concentration. In fact, exercise can lower down the hormones that trigger anxiety, improve sleep, keeps you disciplined and brings confidence within.

Interestingly, you have a number of varieties to work out like dancing, swimming, jogging, gym, walking, trekking or anything that boosts your physical strength and, in turn, mental strength. This is one of the best answers on how to relieve stress.

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2. Eat Right

Eat Right

Apart from having daily food intake, consuming body happy supplements are amazing to keep your body and mind happy at the same time. Which food supplements are perfect to de-stress yourself?

You can increase the intake of food with Vitamin C content such as  Lemon, broccoli, kiwi, oranges, potatoes, strawberries, tomato. With that, try green tea, Omega-3 fatty acids, apricots, nuts, seeds, margarine, vegetable oil, and wheat germ are also healthy options to satiate your supplement needs

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During anxiety, avoid sugary foods and alcoholic drinks as they may imbalance the level of smart foods.

3. Write Down Your Thoughts

Write Down Your Thoughts

This could be your golden rule and one of the best things to help with anxiety and stress. When your mind is being boggled with multiple thoughts, better bring a pen & paper and start the list of things YOU HAVE, and you are grateful for. It could be anything like having food twice a day, owning a car or able to breathe in the fresh air.

After this, try to find why are you so having much anxiety and can things be better if you are not? We are sure you will be able to focus on the positives of your life after this and certainly help with stress and anxiety.

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4. Cut Down Caffeine Intake

Cut Down Caffeine Intake

High doses of caffeine through coffee, tea, or energy drinks can increase anxiety to a reasonable level. Now when you are looking at ways to relieve stress and anxiety, it is best to lower the level of caffeine.

However, the sensitivity of caffeine varies greatly among different people. And, this is why some people are perfectly normal after consuming it whereas some of them can’t tolerate it at all.

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5. Practice Mindfulness

practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness talks about being at present and enjoying the activities of the moment. To find how to de-stress and reduce anxiety, mindfulness is a direct answer to the same.

You can sit and breathe deep for 5 minutes, observe nature around you, appreciate someone by heart or just get into quick yoga. Whatever you choose here, giving your mind and heart to it counts to release stress. It happens because you are able to focus on the present without being pulled away by thoughts of past and future.

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6. Listen to Soothing Music to Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Soothing Music

Music is another best method to relieve your stress and anxiety. Some people may want to calm their heads with heavy rock metal whereas some are happy with classical or soft songs. Well, we would leave that up to you.

Any music that calms your pace and brings you back on track is the perfect way to relieve stress. You can also check songs that help to fight depression. Sing along and enjoy the moment.

7. Spending Time With Your Loved Ones Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Your mood can be a lot better if you are spending time with your friends or family members who are capable of making you happy. Be it with your parents, kids or social circle, good talks are charming for your anxious part of the mind.

Laugh, sing or dance with them, and happy hormones will keep your mood alive. This is how to cure anxiety and stress in no time. Travel together, explore new variants of life and you are on cloud nine.

8. Play With Your Pet to Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Play With Your Pet

Pet interaction is known for releasing oxytocin, a chemical to promote a positive mood. Moreover, pets give a sense of love and companionship that reduces anxiety to a great level. Hanging out or going out on a walk with them is just a happy time for both! They are your constant partners in every mood and indeed the best friend.

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9. Give Yourself A Scented Environment

Give Yourself A Scented Environment

It’s time for a me-time! You might have experienced the movie scenes lately but its time to repeat with self. Yes, put on some scented candles in the room like lavender, rose, sandalwood, orange, etc. and massage your head with essential oils. Aromatherapy never goes wrong!

If a hot water shower is possible, take it. And no matter what, this me-time is a great deal to free yourself from stress.

10. Hugs And Cuddles are Helpful to Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Hugs And Cuddles

Where hug therapy is becoming common to reduce mental stress, you can apply it as a stress balm with your friend, spouse or partner. A positive physical contact in any form like a cuddle, sex or kiss keeps the heart rate and blood pressure maintained.

In fact, animals also hug each other for lovable communication.

Here are 12 habits that you can adapt to relieve stress:

habits to relive stress

Now you know that there could be stress surrounding you but the healing power also lies within you. These top 10 methods mentioned above are certainly the real help. Now it’s time to tell us what works as a stress buster for you in the comment section below.

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