Art Cures Everything: Can Creativity Help Deal With OCD?

Last Update on September 2, 2021 : Published on September 2, 2021

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is very common. We see so many people struggling with it. No matter how much they try to avoid the obsessive thoughts, it keeps coming back. Although many people take OCD very lightly, trust me the struggle is real!

You must have heard many people say that you should do the exact opposite of your obsession to get rid of it. But does it really work? All I can say is, this way you can definitely increase the level of anxiety and fear in them.

There are a lot of tried and tested treatment plans for OCD. But is there a way we can reduce our struggle with OCD? What should we do long before we reach the stage where clinical assistance is required?

You will be happy to know that creativity is one such thing that can help in our battle against OCD. Yes! You heard me right, being creative is a solution to your problem.

I know it’s hard to believe that creativity can reduce the intensity but it’s true. There have been researches that claim creativity can benefit people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

So many people have told me that people with OCD can’t be creative. They can’t deal with the risk involved and the amount of uncertainty it has. I am here to crush this stereotype. People with OCD can be creative, in fact being creative benefits them in many ways.

Want to know how? Read on…

Creativity Reduces Their Fear

There is a lot of fear in people dealing with OCD. The fear of their obsession, fear of not complying with the compulsion, fear of the future, etc. There are a lot of what if thoughts in the mind. That only and only increases the fear in someone.

Being creative can help you not be afraid anymore. By indulging in creative thinking you can come up with a creative idea to reduce the fear arousing thoughts. Being creative pushes you to the limit. You know that things aren’t working a certain way, being creative will help you find another way that might just work.

Creativity Can Reduce Anxiety in People With OCD

Every individual with OCD will agree the anxiety is the worst of all. The obsession has the ability to intensify anxiety in people. The anxiety of not fulfilling the obsessive demand of the mind is excruciating.

Indulging in creative activities can help you put your mind at peace. Temporarily though, recreational creative activities and take your mind off of all the anxious thoughts. Once you start distancing yourself from the trigger, anxiety is definitely going to take a step back too.

Want to get rid of obsessive anxiety? Get your hand dirty, get creative! Trying painting, planting or even dancing.

Creativity Can Help in Reducing The Obsessive Thoughts

Creativity can help in reducing the obsessive thoughts

Thoughts! Thoughts! And thoughts! They trouble you right? OCD revolves around your thoughts. The way you think, perceive and act upon things is controlled by your obsession. What if you could get rid of these problematic thoughts?

Get yourself busy. Do something creative. Pick up a hobby you always wanted to pursue. Engage yourself in something that you really enjoy. Creativity has a huge spectrum. When you shift your focus to a creative activity, you tend to forget about the trouble causing thoughts.

Hence being creative helps your mind shift focus, reducing the obsessive thoughts.

Creativity Helps You Confront Your OCD

Fear of having your fears come true is the most troubling thing someone with OCD has to deal with. All we have to do is face our fears. The outcome may not be as bad as we think it can be. Being creative gives you the strength to do exactly that.

Confront your fear, disgust, obsession or whatever you choose to call it. Creativity helps you challenge yourself. You often end up doing what you were afraid of in the beginning.

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Creativity Gives You The Strength To Take Risks

Creativity gives you the strength to take risks

When you have OCD, even the thought of ignoring the obsessive thoughts can give you anxiety. You stop yourself from taking any risks because the feeling is just so bad. When you engage yourself in creative activities you learn to explore.

You explore by taking risks. Sometimes you are successful and sometimes you may come crashing down. This practice of taking risks is eventually going to help you gather strength to take risks and fight your obsessions.


Now when I think of creativity as a tool to manage OCD, I think it can really help. There are so many ways you can be creative. Imagine, you can manage your OCD in the most fun way possible.

The best part is you can choose your way to recovery. Living with an OCD is not easy at all. There is so much pain, suffering and struggle.

What do you think? Can creativity help in dealing with OCD? You can write down your thoughts on the same in the comment section below!

In my opinion, all of you who are fighting their own battle with OCD should give creativity a chance. You never know, what if it’s an angel in disguise who will take your pain away.

I hope this blog helps you win the battle with OCD. Do share this blog with people who you may know are struggling with OCD.

Thanks for reading!

Take care! Stay safe!

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