How to Be Empathetic: Top 5 Ways

Coming this far, I feel we are living in a biased bubble wherein everyone is hard working like us, spending like us, worshiping like us, earning like us… but still lack one thing which is empathy. N...

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Empathy Statements to HelpYou in Difficult Situations

Do you also experience difficulty while someone shares something with you? Be it extrovert, introvert, or ambivert personality…somewhere, in life we all get stuck while being empathetic. Such situat...

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How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health?

The mental health of a child depends on the surrounding where they live. The more harsh the environment, the more negativity will affect the mental health of a kid. According to psychology “, A chil...

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Calm down the Chatter of Mind with these tricks

Mental chatter is one of the biggest issues we all face specifically on those hectic days. I am going to introduce all with a new term which is “Monkey Mind.” In ancient times, Buddha explained th...

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10 Simple Ways to let go of Anger and Resentment

Anger and resentment are the two things to avoid. Feelings of anger happening again and not able to control are something that is not good for our mental health and physical health. Sometimes, we vibe...

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How To Stop Procrastination (& Get The Work Actually Done)

You have taken a big project in your hand but instead of working on it, you are checking on other things? The deadline would be nearing soon and despite that, you are spending your time watching telev...

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How To Deal With Criticism Efficiently Without Being Depressed?

Criticism could be unpleasant. It could be ugly! But do you realize it’s in your hands to turn it for your own advantage? ‘How do you handle criticism’, lies in your hands only! Many of...

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What is Resilience and Why Building Resilience is Important

This blog covers: 1. Definition and Meaning of Resilience 2. Why building resilience is important 3. Effects of resilience on mental and physical health 4. Building self-resilience 5. T...

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Stay Away from These Types of Toxic People

Throughout our life, we meet different people and personalities. Out of this, some people leave unforgettable personalities, meanwhile, some people are easily forgettable. One should always carry an u...

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