Are You In A Toxic Friendship? | Signs & Types Of Toxic Friends You Need To Look Out For!

Healthy and true friendships can be a blessing but sometimes those blessings can turn into a curse. Various studies have shown that where healthy friendships can help improve your mental and emotional...

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8 Types of Love | Learn their Impact on Your Relationships

We homo-sapiens are attuned to have a relationship; the core of a happy and healthy relationship is LOVE! Plus, Life is all about love! From the moment we are born, and throughout our journey of lif...

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7+ Types of Grief That We All Experience

Grief! An emotion that we often associate with death. Which itself is a big life challenge and event to process your emotions through. But is death the only kind of loss we experience throughout our l...

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Signs and Traits That Show You’re An Empath

What is Empathy and What does it Mean to be an Empath Person? Empathy is defined as the capability to understand others’ emotions and feelings from an emotional point of view. To put it in a nutshe...

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Shift vs Support Response | HowTo Stop Being A Conversational Narcissist

This weekend I was watching a summary of the book “The Pursuit of Attention” written by sociologist Charles Derber. The part of the book that gained much attention from the world and intrigued me ...

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5 Healthy Texting Habits To Build A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

Did you know what is the most used source of communication among people? Texting! On average, we humans spend nearly 23 hours a week texting! And to top it all, an individual reads a message within 5 ...

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What Are The Different Types Of Attachment & Which One Is Yours?

To begin with, types of attachment styles, let us first understand what attachment actually means. Attachment is known as the emotional relationship with someone where love, care,  warmth, and pleasu...

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How To Diffuse Any Argument: 9 Phrases To Be Used To Calm The Situation

Most of us have been a part of the situation where a normal conversation is turned into a heated argument and it keeps increasing because of wrong words piling on one another. Be it office, home, part...

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What is Clinginess and What One Can Do about It

When a new relationship begins, some keep chasing love, some get exhausted and some get in sync with the flow. When the boat of the relationship is maintained, people actually enjoy spending free mome...

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