Stress Management

Cognitive Reframing: Definition, Benefits & How Cognitive Reframing Helps In Stress Management

When we are faced with stressful situations, our thinking process gets affected. Distorted and negative thinking can affect how we handle or experience the situation we’re in. Cognitive reframing is...

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5 Creative Things That Make Your Home Cozy & Stress-Free

“Home is where the heart is” we’ve all heard of this phrase at least once or twice in our lifetime but do you realize how each element we place in our home plays an important role in keeping s...

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5 Self-Help Stress Management Tips For Highly Sensitive People

Some people are more responsive to emotions than others. A person, then, can be considered a highly sensitive person. A highly sensitive person is someone who feels things and emotions more deeply tha...

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Bubble Bath For Stress Management: Concept, Benefits & Choices

We’ve all, at some point, heard that if you’re feeling stressed after a long day of work, take a hot bath. Or that one of the best (and most gravitated towards) self-care activities is to take a h...

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Why Giving Unsolicited Advice Can Cause Stress & How To Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice

Now passing on good advice is always appreciated but giving advice that is unwanted and unasked-for isn’t. Many people rely on others’ guidance and suggestions to make decisions but regardless of ...

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7 Best Ways To Deal With Emotional Stress

Emotions are something that should not be feared but embraced and enjoyed. Even negative emotions such as worry, fear, and anger are something that we should embrace because they give us purpose. Emo...

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My Relationship Is Stressing Me Out! How To Deal With Stress In A Relationship?

When you begin a new relationship, you find your solace and peace with your partner. You thrive together and climb on various steps in order to make the relationship more comforting. But there are som...

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10 Effective Stress Management Activities For Students

Are you a student stressed about starting the new semester? Or stressed about the internship you’ve worked hard for? Or about moving to a different city to start a new life? Students, more than any...

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What is Cortisol : High Cortisol Symptoms and How to Regulate?

What is Cortisol and What Does Cortisol Do? Cortisol is basically a stress hormone that naturally occurs in our body. The basic r...

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