An Implicit Guide To Overcome Fear of Loneliness (Monophobia)

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How to overcome the fear of loneliness

Are you also one of those over-productive personalities who have not stopped working in a pandemic as well?  Also, are you also one of those whose quarantine increased productivity and the calendar has been booked for weekends well? Can I ask why? Why did you increase your productivity even when you were experiencing Zoom or Skype fatigue?

Have you done all of this due to fear of being alone? Did you miss that human touch? I am not the kind of person who enjoys being lonely, but due to work, I had to shift from my hometown. In the beginning, I was not able to cope with the situation of being alone. Therefore, I took the help of a therapist and developed some effective ways to overcome the fear of loneliness. In this guide, I have enlisted some of the effective ways to overcome the fear of loneliness which is also known as monophobia.

In this guide, I have shared my personal experiences so that we can connect more and I can help you guys in combating loneliness. So, let’s get started.

7 Best Ways To Overcome Fear of Loneliness

1. Spend Quality Time With Yourself

Spend quality time with yourself

Spending quality time with yourself might look generic but trust me; it is the most effective way that actually worked for me. On weekends, I used this technique to calm myself down and spend the day productively.

I am an overthinker, if I do not spend time on something productive, you will see me trapped in negative thoughts. Therefore, I reframed my loneliness and scheduled my day in such a way that it looked like I enjoyed “me-time.” I included meditation and progressive muscle relaxation in my schedule to combat loneliness.

2. Find Joy In Little Things

Since I live alone, I am not able to meet my friends or family members on an everyday basis. This makes me really sad and anxious. In order to combat this fear, I started finding joy in little things. Sometimes, I treat myself, I take myself out to a spa, or I take myself shopping.

Herein, I do not focus on being productive; instead, I try to focus on those things which make me happy or which bring joy into my life. The aim is to find positivity and happiness, no matter where they come from.

3. Be In Touch With Your Neighbor

Since I live alone and I cannot meet my friends, I started communicating with my neighbor from the pandemic. When we were into lockdown, I helped a neighbor once, and since then we became a team.

We enjoy coffee from our balconies, sometimes they help me with the meals, sometimes I take their pet on a walk, and we collect each other’s mailbox as well. Being in touch with my neighbor really helped me, please try this and let me know if this works for you as well or not.

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4. Connect With Your Friends Virtually

Connect with your friends virtually

Whenever you find yourself being lonely, say thanks to your Wi-Fi connection, and connect virtually with your friends or family members. You can communicate your feelings with them. If you have time, you can also play online games together or enjoy virtual parties together.

And if you are stuck with the stigma of “calling someone and feeling needy”, get that feeling out of yourself, and connect with them.

5. Connect With Your Friends or Make Friends on Social Media

You can also connect with your friends via social media, if you want new friends, you can make friends on social media as well. Luckily, apart from social media, there are various apps that help you to connect with strangers. If interested or ready to date someone, you can also give that a try, and get yourself a partner to combat loneliness for a lifetime.

6. Join a Group


You can join a support group in your area and communicate your feelings with them. Support groups are totally a non-judgment zone; therefore, join a support group without any hesitation.

Moreover, you can also join with your community members and volunteer with them for a charity or something. Additionally, you can also join any club that works for social causes.

7. Take The Support of a Professional

Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness. Therefore, you can always opt for counseling or therapy to combat your loneliness. The best part about therapy is that they are available on online platforms as well.

If you wish to connect with a professional from BetterHelp, click below.

I hope this blog helps you to overcome the fear of loneliness efficiently. Comment down and share your experiences after applying these ways in your life. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

More power to you.

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