How to Find Joy During Quarantine Fatigue?

Last Update on August 2, 2022 : Published on May 19, 2020

This tough phase of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak demands social distancing and self-quarantine to stay safe from the infection. The entire world is going through a lockdown phase and people are staying in isolation.

While trying the practice of self-quarantine, people are emotionally getting drained out and suffering from quarantine fatigue. There is always positivity in every negative situation. It’s just our point of view how we look at things that makes the difference. This phase has given us a chance to explore new ways of life.

Why Are We experiencing Quarantine Fatigue?

Earlier when the pandemic situation started, we were focused on how to stay safe and how to keep ourselves protected from coronavirus. We were worried and horrified by the count of increasing patients and death rates throughout the world.

Now that we know this situation is going to live for a minimum six months, we are learning to cope with it and experiencing quarantine fatigue. Our physical and mental wellness is on stake and we are going through a very emotional, spiritual, and tactful phase of life. Explore how to get rid of tiredness, how to find joy in the little things, and how to get rid of fatigue during the quarantine.

How to Find Joy in the Little Things?

1. Set Short-term and Manageable Goals

set SMART-goals

Consider setting up short term goals so that you can reward yourself often as soon as the goals are met. These goals can be related to work, entertainment, or creativity whatever interests you more, and achievement is measurable.

2. Explore the Chef in You

chef in you

This quarantine phase will allow you to explore the chef in you. Be creative with food and try cooking new dishes for everyone. This will not only make you feel happy but will also strengthen the bond within the family.

3. Help Your Kids to Cope with This Situation

Since all the schools and colleges are closed, kids are also going through a tough time. Ensure you give your best to spend time with your kids and help them in eLearning. Spend some quality time for fun activities that will make them happy. Find joy in the little things and let the bond of trust and love strengthen among the family.

4. Finish Up Your Watch List

finish your watchlist

We always wanted to finish up some web series or movies however couldn’t find time for the same. Now is the time to finish up your wish list and unfold the unseen series.

5. Practice Meditation and Yoga

practice meditation and yoga

I always wondered how to get rid of tiredness and though of taking out time for myself however was always occupied with something or other. Now is the time to start mindfulness meditation or practice yoga. Meditation and yoga are extremely beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. Just sparing 30 minutes for this activity will surely keep you happy and stress-free.

6. Maintain a Healthy Routine

In the race of competition and thriving to win every situation or argument made our life stressful. It’s time to reset your life and give it a new start. Start with a healthy routine and enhance your physical and mental wellness.

7. Maintain the Checklist of Wants and Needs

During this lockdown, when all the malls and shopping points are closed, you need to be smart enough to maintain a checklist of your wants and needs. It’s advisable to save more and spend less as we are expecting a recession due to this pandemic situation. Hence, only focus on essentials that you need right now.

8. Be Creative and Artistic

be creative during quarantine

Most of us have enough time in hand and this is the precious moment you were always waiting for. Explore the most out of this time and find joy in the little things. Polish your hobbies like guitaring, sketching, DIY Arts, crafts painting, or cooking. This is the time to master your skills and find joy in every simple situation.

9. Spend Some Family Time

Since the lockdown phase, everybody is quarantined at home. Educational institutions and workplaces are closed. You save a lot of time that you used to invest in traveling. Use this time to bond with your loved ones. Even if you are working from home, you can figure out enough time to explore harmony and warmth in your relations.

10. Enhance Your Learning


If you have waited for some time in hand to finish up new courses, this is the right time to enhance your learning. Start small courses that are necessary for your professional growth and enhance your skills to beat the rat race. Small courses are achievable in short durations, you’ll feel happy! The feeling of rejoicing will fill your mind and soul with accomplishment.

Summing Up

Bad times make you appreciate the good times. These small practices are surely going to enhance your lifestyle and help you find joy in this pandemic situation. Now that you know how to get rid of fatigue, you can find joy in the little things you do for your family. Stay positive, stay safe, live in peace.

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