10 Gaslighting Phrases That People Commonly Use

Last Update on September 16, 2022 : Published on September 17, 2022

Gaslighting comes into the picture when someone tries to make you doubt yourself. It is one of the common ways used to manipulate people. Gaslighting is not considered to be a clinical term but it can really impact your mental health in a negative way.

The most common example of gaslighting can be derived from our everyday life… have you ever been in a situation wherein you tried to prove your point and someone embarrassed you, before even understanding the logic behind it?

Well, we all have been in this situation, and in return, we have always got a reply that we are being too sensitive and we should not take it by heart. This is gaslighting!

Nobody wants to feel or be treated this way. Everyone has the right to speak and prove their point without being judged or stopped in the middle.

Whenever someone tries to deny your thoughts, behavior, or feelings, it can reflect gaslighting and you can be the suspect of gaslighting. If you want to protect yourself from gaslighting, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, I have enlisted 10 gaslighting phrases which are commonly used.

10 Common and Subtle Gaslighting Phrases

1.“You’re being too sensitive.”

It is one of the common statements used by abusers during gaslighting because this phrase directly gets you on an emotional roller-coaster. If someone says this to you, try replying to them with:

“I am not acting sensitive, I am just normal!”

2.“That never happened.”

This is one of the toughest phrases to bear when you know and remember that bad things keep on happening and you’re always shut down. Herein, you can try saying…

“Don’t try to escape reality!”

3.“You’re overreacting.”

If you’re tired of listening to this phrase over and over again, it means you’re always brushed off for showing your feelings. Herein, you can try saying…

“I am not overreacting and I am not apologizing for having such feelings.”

4.“You have always been crazy.”

If someone keeps on using the “always” word in each sentence, please remember that person is taking your benefits and you must stop them right away. Try saying…

“I observe everything and I know what I saw and I expect you to tell the truth.”

5.“You are making that up.”

This phrase is quite similar to saying ‘that never happened” and it is more damaging. If telling or keeping the truth makes people doubt your honesty, you can try saying…

“I don’t know why you are denying or refusing it, I remember everything and I am not letting you gaslight me.”

6.“It’s clearly your fault.”

If someone keeps blaming you and keeps doubting your honesty, don’t show them anger because this is the challenging part when you have to bring the situation down to its reality.

“I remember all the details and I am not being faulty here. Don’t try to influence me.”

7.“I don’t know why you are making me say things.”

Every time when you try to put the reality if someone keeps on making fun of your feelings, you need to take the conversation to the source.

“Don’t distract me, I know what I have seen/heard.”

8.“Everyone agrees with me.”

This phrase is commonly used to make you feel isolated and alone. You don’t have to get influenced by their phrases, instead, try to be on your point.

“I am allowed to put my point, it’s a big deal, and people will surely support honesty.”

9.“Why are you accusing me?”

You might be trying to prove your point and the person may keep on saying that you’re accusing them. You don’t have to get distracted because they are using their narcissistic language.

“I don’t know why you are denying or refusing it, I remember everything and I am not letting you gaslight me.”

10.“Why can’t you act normal?”

This phrase hits directly and you might feel the urge to melt down after hearing this. Don’t melt down, stay strong, and prove your point so that they stop gaslighting you from the next time.

“It’s a big deal and I need you to be honest here.”

Key Takeaway

Casual gaslighting can be easily detected in our everyday life. If you can relate with this blog, know that you’re not alone and remember you can always confront your feelings.

If you can relate with the above-listed common phrases of gaslighting, you can refer to the below-mentioned links to get the right help:

I hope this blog helps you with the 10 common gaslighting phrases used by people. Comment down and share your views on “how you try to protect yourself from gaslighting in your everyday life?”

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