10 Green Flags In A Relationship : Moving To Healthy Relationship

Last Update on March 27, 2023 : Published on March 27, 2023
Green Flags in a Relationship

When it comes to red flags in a relationship, there are many… ranging from abuse to lack of intimacy? But when it comes to a healthy relationship, there are a few relationship green flags that show you’re moving in with the right person. Green flags are a few because they are those promising signs that need no explanation as they come with a positive vibe.

When I started dating my husband, we couldn’t have more communication but still, we vibe whenever we got to talk! I think this was the major green flag of my relationship that led me to enter the courtship! Per relationship counselors, “green flags are considered to be positive signs that show that you’re moving into a safe, lasting, and healthy relationship.”

Honestly, I couldn’t see this green flag… wondering why? This happened because our minds are set to default mode which always scans for red flags in a relationship. If you’re also going through the same situation…don’t worry I have got your back!

In this blog, I have enlisted 10 green flags in a relationship that will help you decide if your relationship is safe and healthy for you or not.

10 Green Flags in a Relationship According to Experts

1. Trust levels are at a peak

First and Most Important Green Flag in any Relationship is “Trust”. One of the deal-makers of a safe and healthy relationship is trust. If your partner is accountable, they will follow you consistently, they will provide extended support, and they will be always there. You will never lose trust be it any situation because trust is the main component of building a healthy relationship.

2. Boundaries are well-established

After discussing trust in one another, your partner must be your safe place or your buddy. He/she should not be bothered or threatened whenever you go out or want your own “me-time.”

Before entering into a relationship exclusively, it is really important to honor and communicate your boundaries. According to a relationship counselor, when two people communicate their boundaries, desires, and needs with clarity, they are able to establish a better and long-lasting relationship.

3. Communication is grounded and effective

Our Second Green flag to have in a healthy relationship is If you and your partner actively talk about each other’s needs and desires, my friend you’re surely moving in the right direction. There is a huge difference between hearing and listening.

If your partner reflects on what you say or communicate, you are emotionally validated at the same time. Overall, active listening, empathy, and being emotionally validated are the key ingredients of a well-established relationship.

4. Spend more time together

Generally, people who date love to spend time together… only for a limited period! But, if you and your partner are dating for a long time and love to spend time together, it could mean that you are thriving through stability. Recognize this green flag in your relationship, enjoy their company, and keep enhancing your relationship with each other.

5. Feelings of gratefulness are permanent visitors

A great intimate bond with your partner can be a blessing but when it is combined with gratefulness, it can be bliss too! If you and your partner keep on appreciating each other and take each other back, it means that you have strongly developed feelings of gratitude for each other and this relationship is moving in a loyal direction.

6. Clarity and self-belief are BFFs now!

You might be thinking now “how clarity and self-belief are even connected?” Well, let me explain this to you! When a relationship promotes your inner self to believe in yourself, you tend to get clarity towards everything. This is one of the major green flags of a relationship. Therefore, try to find “how your partner supports or motivates you during rough patches?”

7. Priorities are kept in a safe place

Whenever a person moves out from a toxic relationship, we often tell them, “If they wanted to, they would?” Well, this situation never arrives when you are in a healthy relationship. You both know what, how, and when to prioritize!  Priorities should be well-established, consistently checked, and followed whenever needed.

8. Feelings validation is an everyday meal

Well, when a partner emotionally validates our feelings, we feel happy or at peace. But, when our partner does it regularly, we feel emotionally stable, heard, and clarified (in terms of everything). The idea is to never let your partner feel alone, mistreated, or unheard.

9. Planning the future is your new hobby

Whenever you both get time, if you get involved in planning the future, you’re definitely moving in the right direction. This is one of the great green flags in a relationship that shows that your partner wants a long-term relationship with you.

10. Emotional needs are fulfilled

If they are great at handling your mood swings, they will always be the great partner you can have (PERIOD!) A great partner never lets their partner bottle up or repress their feelings. They make the partner well-grounded and able to handle emotions effectively.

That’s it, folks! I hope this blog helps you with the 10 important green flags in a relationship. Comment down and tell us your views on  these green flags to look into your partner or if you do have any green flag that one must have in a relationship, do let us know in comment.  for more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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