8 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship


Everyone desires a good and healthy relationship in life as they make you happy, respected, and secure. But not everyone is that lucky to have blissful relationships, there are many people who are feeling drained, disrespected or even depleted.

There is really a thin line between toxic and unhealthy relationships. You can’t expect a bed of roses every time. There might be fights, arguments, disapproval and so and that doesn’t mean that you are into a toxic relationship. To help you with that, I am sharing some common signs that will help to identify in which relationship you are in.

Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship

Common Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

 1. Your family or Friends are concerned for you!

Family or friends are the first one who knows what is good for you. If they are not liking your partner or if they are asking questions like this “Why is he talking to you like this?” or “Why is he behaving in such a way?” This is a sign of a toxic relationship because your partner is not taking care of your reputation in front of others.

2. There is no efforts

Caught your partner cheating on you and despite everything if you are still ready to accept them? Now if he is not changing himself and doesn’t show any efforts to be with you, it’s toxic! Shut the door now and then Girl. Are you  Suffering from Stress

3. You are the giver

As said above you are ready to make everything like before with love, compassion, trust, love and loyalty and he is accepting everything without paying you back. You are playing a role of a supporter who is giving and doing everything for your partner, stop it! He doesn’t deserve it!

4. Blame Game

 He will blame you for everything, every single day, and every single thing! You made my life hell! You are a useless person and the list goes on…..!!! Really? I mean is your life that much contemptible that your self-respect is getting pinch every day? I’m telling you to leave this toxic relationship Right Now! Read about anxiety in relationship

5. Victim Card

 I have suffered a lot because of you! I am the victim in this relationship and I am in pain!! Okay enough your partner will accuse you of everything, every pain by either manipulating you or creating a strategy that will eventually make you believe that you did crime to them. Honestly mate! I have seen such toxic traits. This kind of person can never make you happy and will drop to your knees! Leave it!!

6. No Positive Feeling For The Future

This is a serious issue because whenever we are in a serious commitment we think of the future, we think about getting old together.  But in a toxic relationship nothing seems so right because you are not sure about your future. If you are already in such a relationship, Quit.

7. The ABUSE!

 If your partner is abusing you mentally, emotionally and physically, mate you’re caught up with the wrong person or an abuser. Love needs compassion, trust, loyalty, and a lot of respect if he can’t respect you, he can’t you. There is no room for exploitation or harassment in a happy and blissful relationship. So if your partner is an abuser, you are quitting this commitment, Okay?

8. Endless Drama

Man! I hate dramas and I am sure you too hate this. In a toxic relationship a person will throw different tantrums on you. His endless drama will involve negativity, jealousy, threatening, blaming and so on… He will disrespect you in every possible way!

What’s You Think?

I would like to know your ideas related to this topic. Have you ever been into a toxic relationship? How was your struggle and also share some positive side after breaking up. I hope you like this video and have also shared it with your friends and family! If you have any questions related to this, share it in the comments. Yes! We’re open for conversation too!!!!

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  1. Shashank

    Why do you assume that the partner bringing toxicity in the relationship will be a male? That doesn't sound fair to men!!

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