10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship That You Should Know!


Everyone desires a good and healthy relationship in life as they make you happy, respected, and secure. But not everyone is that lucky to have blissful relationships, there are many people who are feeling drained, disrespected or even depleted.

There is really a thin line between toxic and unhealthy relationships. You can’t expect a bed of roses every time. There might be fights, arguments, disapproval and so and that doesn’t mean that you are into a toxic relationship. To help you with that, I am sharing some common signs that will help to identify in which relationship you are in.

Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship

Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

1. You Make All The Compromises

If you’re the only one making the necessary changes or compromises, then it is a big sign of a toxic relationship. You need to understand that you are enough and giving more than you can to a relationship where the other person is not doing the giving can be unhealthy.

2. There Are No Efforts

Relationships are a two-way street and it means efforts from both of you. If you’re the only giver in this relationship then it is not healthy. Sure, your privacy, your space matters but too much or too little is not okay either. When your partner is making no effort to spend time with you or share things that matter to them with you, then it can be a sign of a toxic relationship.

3. There Is Jealousy In The Relationship

If your partner is having trouble with you hanging out with others or spending time with their friends, and if there is jealousy of any kind in the relationship, it is another sign you’re in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Why? A jealous partner will be over-possessive and will monitor your actions closely. This kind of behavior can make you feel uncomfortable and can take away your right to privacy.

4. They Play The Blame Game

Is your partner blaming you for the mistakes or failures they make? Is your partner refusing to take responsibility for their actions? Another red flag! If your partner is blaming you – or others even – for their misdeeds, then it’s a sign of unhealthy behavior in a relationship. Relationships are about owning up to your mistakes and admitting when you’re wrong, not pointing fingers at others when things go wrong.

5. There Is An Imbalance Of Power

Ask yourself, who is the dominant one in this relationship? If you’re answering this question with anything but equality, then it’s another sign of a toxic relationship. Relationships are about having an equal say in all the decisions you and your partner make. If either of you has more power over the other or if there is any kind of imbalance in your dynamic, then it is not a very healthy relationship.

6. There Are No Positive Feeling For The Future

This is a serious issue because whenever we are in a serious commitment we think of the future, we think about getting old together. But in a toxic relationship, nothing seems so right because you are not sure about your future. If you are already in such a relationship, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

7. There Is ABUSE!

If your partner is abusing you verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically, then you’re caught up with the wrong person or an abuser. Love means compassion, trust, loyalty, and a lot of respect but if they can’t respect you, then it’s time to think about your relationship. There is no room for exploitation or harassment in a happy and healthy relationship.

8. There Is Endless Drama

Criticism, judgment, arguments – if any of these are familiar to you and your relationship, it’s another sign you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Constructive criticism is okay but if the criticism is turning into a dramatic situation, then it is not okay. Time to rethink your relationship!

9. You Feel Drained All The Time

If your relationship is draining your energy, mental, emotional, and physical, then it can be another sign of a toxic relationship. Toxicity in a relationship can make you feel tired and exhausted all the time. If you’re always feeling drained and mentally depleted, then please rethink your relationship status, now!

10. Your Family & Friends Are Concerned

Another sign of a toxic relationship is when your near and dear ones are always concerned for your emotional and physical welfare. They might even come to you and say things like, “Why are they behaving like this with you?”. It’s okay! Remember, their concern is coming out of love. Before you get all defensive, pause, and ask “What makes you say that?” or “What made you feel that way?”

You Are In A Toxic Relationship… Now What?

If you can relate to the above signs of a toxic relationship, you might be wondering about your next steps now, right? Let me help you here!

If your relationship has turned toxic then it’s time to reconsider; Do you want to stay and change your relationship or do you want to leave? In any case, the first thing you need to do is think emotionally about how you can deal with your toxic relationship.

Look for patterns and triggers. Become more mindful of your and your partner’s actions. Never, for once, believe that you are insignificant or less-than. You are strong, you are enough, and you are amazing as you are!

Learn to set healthy boundaries and if you’re still struggling, then ask for help. Seeking professional counseling from a couples therapist can be helpful too! You can connect with a licensed therapist here.

Have you ever been into a toxic relationship? Let us know your signs and how you recognized the toxic behavior pattern in the comments below. I hope this article on understanding the signs of a toxic relationship helps you.

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Take Care!


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    Why do you assume that the partner bringing toxicity in the relationship will be a male? That doesn't sound fair to men!!

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