Influence of Body Image on Mental Health: Love yourself a little more

Last Update on October 9, 2020 : Published on October 10, 2020
Influence of Body Image on Mental Health

Self-esteem adds the value and worth in our mind, it really does not matter how we look. Self-esteem does not come from the mirror or compliments. It actually comes with a healthy and positive mindset. Speaking honestly, body image is emotional and mental, and a positive body image can really influence better mental health. Body image and mental health are correlated with each other, it is all about “loving your flaws.”

To put it in a nutshell, body image and improved mental health are all about the recognition of your strengths and qualities which are beyond your appearance, shape, weight, height, and other physical measures. A perfect body is really a myth and plastics are so fake. So, why not we all accept our flaws and improve our self-esteem. This blog highlights the influence of body image on mental health and why it is important to love yourself. So, let’s get started.

Relation of Body Image and Mental Health

Relation of Body Image and Mental Health

Concerns regarding body image are not considered as a mental health issue. However, continuous concerns and negative comments can really turn them into mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and other mental health issues. Furthermore, concerns regarding body image are directly associated with psychological distress, poor quality of life, and risk of eating disorders or improper eating patterns.

Research shows that body appreciation and body satisfaction are linked with over wellbeing. Meanwhile, body dissatisfaction can lead to various mental and physical health issues like weight loss, stressed skin, and shaking.

Body image concerns are most commonly observed in young women and children who are bullied at school.

Causes of Body Image concerns

Causes of Body Image concerns

Some common causes and origin of body image concerns are:

  • When a partner is not happy
  • Our relationship with friends and family
  • Comments passed by peers and family members about appearance and body image
  • Fake bodies and plastics on social media
  • The pressure to reduce or gain weight according to the “ideal body type”
  • How our colleagues see and treats us according to the appearance and body image
  • When your dream job or goals are related to appearance, body shape, and body image

These concerns can lead to:

  • Long-term physical and mental health concerns
  • The cultural difference among groups
  • Concerns regarding sexuality and gender
  • Discrimination and other societal factors

Self-help tips for Body Image Awareness

Self-help tips for Body Image Awareness

  1. If you are constantly bullied about your body image consider communicating with a friend, loved one, or mental health provider.
  2. Opt for social media Detox to avoid the fake body and plastics.
  3. Practice mindfulness or follow positive body influencers on social media.
  4. If body appearance and image are constant issues of stress, you can also report to the “Advertising Standards Authority.”
  5. Join a support group that influences body image positivity.
  6. Search the best way to stay active or indulge yourself in an activity.
  7. Opt for nature, personality, and kindness over appearance and body shape.
  8. Aware people about inner beauty over upper beauty.

A Small Message from the Author

I completely understand how it feels when someone constantly comments on our body appearance or shape. However, self-acceptance is the only key to overcome all the related stress and anxiety. Self-acceptance is proved to be really effective when body image and mental health comes in the picture.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the influence and relationship between body image and mental health. Comment down your queries in the below comment section or you can also write us from here. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

More power to you.

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    Amara Smith

    Body image and self-esteem directly influence each other

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    If you can't love yourself, there is no way you can think about others.. it won't happen overnight but it will one day.

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    Body Image and Mental Health. The effect of poor body image on mental goes beyond occasional negative thoughts

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