How to Make a Spouse Go To Marriage Counseling

Last Update on February 13, 2023 : Published on February 13, 2023

Many times, partners might be obstinate. Nevertheless, one field in which they are extremely resistant is undergoing marriage therapy. Many couples are loath to recognize that marriage requires assistance and would make disparaging remarks about counselors, claiming that their sessions are an unnecessary expense.

This type of relationship therapy, on the other hand, can assist resolve & address disputes that individuals might not recognize are at the basis of their troubles.

Consider the advantages.

  • If your partner is apprehensive to join marriage therapy, offer some of the following established benefits:
  • For 94% of American people, a good marriage is one of their most essential life goals. Couples who receive premarital therapy jointly have a 30% better marriage rate of success than couples who don’t.
  • Therapy is now such a regular pastime for partners that over 45% of newlyweds attend marriage counseling before they actually get married.
  • According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 98% of couples who had marriage therapy were happy with the outcomes.

How to Convince Your Partner To Go to Couples Counseling:-

1. Be Open About Your Problems

Communication that is honest and open is essential in every healthy marriage.

However, We sometimes persuade ourselves that some things are not that important. We do not wish to launch a quarrel or appear unreasonable, so we forget about it.

However, these things can accumulate and produce major communication breakdowns. We go days without telling people what’s wrong since we believe it’s been lengthy.

We’re afraid that if we offer treatment, our partner would think we’re dissatisfied with them. This is the best method of how to get your wife to go to marriage counseling.

Most of the time, your partner is aware that your relationship is not perfect.

2.Let Them Realize You Care

When you explain to your spouse that you wish to attend therapy, then they may believe it is because you no longer love them.

That’s a frequent misconception. Many couples seek marriage therapy only when either of them wishes to divorce.

Confirm your sentiments to your partner. Tell them you would like to visit a counselor because you care about them, it isn’t because you can’t understand.

3.Don’t Engage in the Conflict

“Tango takes two,” as the adage goes. No one is innocent participants in the majority of troubled relationships.

Nobody is flawless. And,  if the majority of your relationship is in trouble, you both participated in the issue.

Don’t enter the therapy session pointing fingers and criticizing others. Tell your partner that you do not really care who’s to blame. You simply want to improve.

They most likely want to improve your marriage as well. Keeping guilt away from the equation will protect them from becoming defensive.

4.Don’t Become Defensive Until They Become Defensive

Whenever you bring up counseling with your partner, they may become defensive.

It’s typical. They may believe you are attempting to criticize them for their unhappy marriage. They may be projecting their own negative relationship experiences onto you.

Wouldn’t defend yourself against their charges, no matter how much you would like to.

Taking a defensive stance towards them might increase communication issues and unnecessarily intensify the disagreement.

Maintain your cool and avoid becoming heated.

5.Understand Your Motives

Many people believe that tricking their spouse into going to counseling is their only option to convince them to go. They may claim to be meeting with pals just to surprise them at a therapist’s office.

Whenever there are any underlying confidence concerns in the marriage, this will further exacerbate the situation.

6.Select A Counselor Combinedly

It’s not uncommon for one partner to seek counseling before the other does.

However, this might create a relationship with the hesitant spouse in which they are just doing “anything you want, darling.” They are simply going with the flow.

Allow your husband as much say as possible during the decision-making process, particularly when selecting a counselor.

If you pick a counselor with your own, it may appear like you & your counselor are conspiring against your spouse.

7.Allow them to make their own decision.

If your partner is hesitant to attend counseling, they may decide to go just to please you. However, this does not imply that they are interested in investigating the link.

Regardless of how badly you wish to attend couples counseling, make it clear to your partner that they are not required to participate in it. Neither in a deceptive manner.

Allow them to make your own choice. It is far preferable to see a counselor later, if they’re more agreeable, than to drag a difficult partner there as quickly as you propose.


In this blog, we have covered why marriage counseling is important and how to convince your partner to go to therapy. Once you learn the tact of convincing your partner for therapy then marriage life becomes easy and you end up with good memories every day.

Try these points  to convince your partner to go to couples counseling and see the difference in your happy married life

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