How To Diffuse Any Argument: 9 Phrases To Be Used To Calm The Situation

Last Update on June 22, 2022 : Published on January 16, 2021
Phrases to diffuse argument

Most of us have been a part of the situation where a normal conversation is turned into a heated argument and it keeps increasing because of wrong words piling on one another. Be it office, home, partner or even video calls, it is important to know how to diffuse an argument so that the relationships are well-maintained.

Resolving conflicts requires you to be mindful in the scenario so that you find the real reason behind the problem and keep a control on the language, tone and body posture. However, there are winning ways to diffuse an argument even after you know about the other ways to follow.

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There is no promise that phrases would completely pacify the heat between the two parties but the boiling tension may come down to an engaging aspect.

With that being said, let us look at the phrases using which you can begin the process of diffusing an argument.

How To Diffuse A Fight With Someone Using Positive Phrases?

Diffuse A Fight With Someone Using Positive Phrases

1. “Ok! Let’s Clarify This First.”

In your work space, someone said something but by the time it reached to you, it became something else. The friction, change in project timelines or taking authority over someone could lead to misunderstandings as well as poisonous fights. It is best to call over a meeting and start discussing things in order to clarify them.

As Steve Maraboli said, “It is the lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration.”

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2. “Let’s’ Talk About A Resolution Here”

When you are arguing with someone, there must be a rift or conflict on diverse opinions. Arguments may be unavoidable but if you are not ready to find resolutions, things will only burden the relationship between you and your family members, partner or colleagues.

“Ok. I am sorry that we are arguing about this but tell me what you want to do.”

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3. “I Am Sure This Is Important To You. But Could You Also Hear Out My Perspective?”

Many people just want to believe that their perspective is the only solution and only wants to win, no matter what. If you use such phrases to diffuse an argument then the person in front may realize what he or she is up to and be a little more compassionate towards your thoughts and feelings.

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4. “I Feel There Is Something That Should Be Talked & Cleared Out. Is It A Good Time?”

There is no use of overlooking a problem which is bothering you or your partner or anyone else. It is best to convey your feelings and be considerate about asking upfront questions. We all have experienced that unspoken and unresolved conflicts only grow to become an issue, better speak it and clear it all.

5. “I Recognize Your Hard Work & Efforts”

Many people are appreciated for their results and those who had put in efforts without a result feel like a laggard. If you appreciate someone and value everyone, you would put them in a trust circle and keep the chances of disagreements low. Tell them that you want to fix a certain problem together and such phrases help in keeping the future problems under control.

6. “I Am Sure We Can Agree On Certain Points”

When it comes to family or close relationships, differing opinions may not work that easy. Of course, some people cannot be chosen. However, there is a friendly way to diffuse arguments: by finding common grounds. It is better to sit together and discuss the challenges while agreeing on the specific points.

7. “Ok. I Think I Need To Understand It More. Tell Me Again.”

In order to diffuse a fight, you may need to take a step back and listen to the other party clearly. Listen to them empathetically to find the root cause of problems. As you validate their side of the story and then merge with yours patiently in the beginning, the chances of fighting lower down right at the beginning itself.

8. “I Am Sorry. I Am Sure I Can Do Better.”

Believe it or not, Sorry can itself kill the spark of arguments and cools down the anger of others. Not that you have to deliver it to everyone but your loved ones deserve the apologies. Being proactive can even save the dignity of relationships and open up the challenges to do things better.

9. “Let Me Understand How I Can Support You.”

Another proactive thing to say to someone when having an argument! Moreover, this phrase is applicable not only in professional terms but also amongst family members. It not only relieves the stress but also makes the relationships stronger.

Be Empathetic & Compassionate

While learning ways to diffuse an argument, you must have understood that mindfulness and empathetic listening are key points to control the argument. With those attributes, phrases to keep the arguments under control also helps with improved communication as well as maintained relationships.

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