Myths on Relaxation Techniques that You May Have Been Following

Last Update on August 14, 2020 : Published on March 27, 2020
Myths on Relaxation Techniques

All Myths are facts until proven otherwise. We all follow them, one or the other, in one way or the other. Until we realize the errors of our way and try to change. Stress can be quite pressurizing at times and may even feel overwhelming. It can be good in moderate amounts as it helps a person in achieving his or her goals. But too much of it can make a person not only less efficient but also paranoid. To relieve this stress we look for different options. Some people start breaking things, shout at others while some people adopt pets or start to draw. So, are all these techniques that we use for relaxing ourselves, helpful? Or are we doing something wrong? Following them for their benefits but they are actually myths? Today, in this article, I am going to talk about some of the Myths related to relaxing techniques which are followed by masses and should be busted ASAP. Have a look.

Myths on Relaxation Techniques

Ranting Out:

Myths on Relaxation Technique

Letting out the pressure is good but how you do it and where you do it matters. If you are used to grabbing your friends and start ranting about all the bad stuff that happened to you, you need to stop, Right now! You are creating a habit which may make you regret later in the long run. Sure letting out decreases pressure suddenly and you also feel good after that, but results are quite temporary and not that beneficial as you will start to rant about the next problem you face, which can be the next second too.

Problems, tensions, struggles are something which you just can’t avoid. In the long run you are teaching your mind to complain about the situations which you face instead of solving them. Your friend, maybe your “best friend” but may not be a good listener and may not be able to give you the advice that you need. By doing so, you may receive advice which is not useful. Try to find a friend who has a different approach of thinking than you and can help you to positively interpret the situation. This way you can always have support and a different perception towards situations.

Rage Rooms:

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Do you also feel like throwing and breaking things down as you find yourself filled with anger? If yes, then anger rooms or rage rooms are Not For You. Yes, definitely the business idea was set up just for the sole purpose of helping people to relieve own stress by destroying and smashing things which are present in a room but by doing so you are not only living your fantasy, enjoying a workout but also encouraging this destructive behavior. When triggered, next time, you will be more likely to destroy your belongings and less likely to hold back.

Plant-Based Therapies:

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Plant-based therapies include treating the patient with different herbs which have the properties to relieve stress and anxiety. A lot of practitioners charge heavily for these therapies and everyone may not be able to enjoy them. However, research says that the herbal therapy may not be very beneficial. As the clinical trials have found out that these herbs have only a mild effect and can’t be used as a sure treatment for people who are suffering critically.

You can choose to opt for aromatherapy. The benefits are quite known and also backed up by studies. There is another reason why this relaxation technique should be more promoted and it is its price. Aromatherapy is quite cheap and easily available as compared to other options.

Ignorance is a Bliss

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This relaxation technique is the most used in the world. I can almost say that we all are quite experts in it. When it comes to ignorance, our human nature somehow welcomes it. “Ignore, it’s all in your brain” is the most common saying that we hear. As we need to tend to a wound received on our body otherwise it will fester similarly we need to tend to the wounds on our mental health through different approaches. If you keep ignoring your pain or your stress, it may help you to dodge it for a short period of time but in the long run, you are allowing it to grow inside of you. It may result in you lashing out your anger in front of someone else or something worse like a disease.

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You should not ignore it and try to embrace it. Being mindful will help you to understand the situation around you in a better way. You can try to meditate and read some books on mindfulness to learn about it more. There are many relaxing techniques that you can use to vent out your stress rather than to rant out. Fighting stress won’t help, it is not your enemy, it is just your reaction towards the situation. Try to accept it and find a way to solve the situation instead of running from people or situations. You will find it hard at times, but will eventually find the way out.

Hope it helped! Do let us know in the comments if you know or followed any myth that we haven’t mentioned above. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

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