Can Your Smartphone Induce Stress And Anxiety? Here’s How To Manage It

Last Update on September 10, 2021 : Published on September 11, 2021
Can smartphones induce stress and anxiety

Over the past year we have all been through a lot. Be it work, family or health, we were in a lot of stress. Covid-19 is one thing none of us can forget about. It continues to make us feel unsettled day after day.

In such times all we need is to be away from all the wanted stressors right? What do you do to keep yourself busy? I pick up my phone and I am sure you do it too. Smartphones have become a necessary part of our life.

We carry our phones wherever we go, I take it to the loo as well! I am ashamed but I still do it. Our phones act as a constant radio set that spills out new information every minute. Don’t they?

How Do Smartphones Induce Stress And Anxiety?

Smartphones are our go to solution for our hunger for information. No matter how scared or chilled we are about something, we jump at any information available. Although smartphones help us a lot more than other things, it can bring us down at the same speed it pulled us up.

Why I say that is because we all fail to use phones for the right amount of time. We often end up overusing phones and anything in excess is bad. Our cell phones can affect our mental health negatively.

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Have you heard of fright and flight response? It is a biological process where your body and mind work together in order to prepare you for a stressful situation. There can be an adrenaline rush, palpitation, sweating etc.

stressful situation

You receive an ample amount of notifications throughout the day. Some are normal but some may be intense. Since we are always on our phones it’s obvious we are going to indulge in those intense notifications.

That constant intake of intense information can trigger the fright and flight response quite often. We are always on a high alert when we are on our phone. Since there is no actual stressor present the fright and flight response converts into unwanted stress and anxiety.

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Now, can we fix this? Let’s see how…

How Can We Manage Stress Caused By Phones?

I suddenly started feeling very anxious. Unaware of what the reason was, I stuck to my phone for comfort. I realized that information about a particular event was troubling me. So I decided to mute the news application for a few days. Surprisingly the anxiety started to fade!

That’s how I somehow managed to cope with it but let’s see what is the ideal way of managing stress and anxiety caused by phones.

Well, broadly speaking, in order to manage and reduce stress we need to stay away from our smartphones. I know it’s easier said than done. A complete cut off from the phone is not possible. So here’s what you can do instead:

1. Turn your notifications off!

Turn your notifications off

By doing so you will not be bothered by notifications at all times. Set some time aside for your emails and social media. Turn the notification on for only that period and turn them off again.

2. Limited phone use

Aside from putting off your notifications, try to spend the least amount of time on your cell phone. Even if the notifications are off and the phone is in your hand, you are going to look for information. So, keep it aside my friend!

3. Social media clean up

Remove things that act as triggers for you from your social media. Follow pages or channels that are more positive or interesting for you. So that the limited time you are online, you get information about positivity and productivity.

4. News only once a day

News applications and newsletters can really manage to put things into your face. Even when you don’t ask for it. So pick a time. Read news only once a day so that you get to know what’s happening. You don’t need to jump into the pool of stress all day.

5. No phone in bed

No phone in bed

I know it’s the toughest of all but put your phone away when you go to bed and after you wake up. Phone in bed is a big NO! Avoid using it 1 hour before and after sleeping and waking up.

These are a few things you can do to reduce stress and anxiety caused by your phone. It’s your phone and it’s your life. Take command over your life by taming your phone.

Keep your stress at bay by keeping the 3 R’s in mind:

  1. Recognize. Try to identify what is triggering your stress
  2. Redirect. Try to redirect by doing something else other than using your phone.
  3. Resolve. If possible try to resolve your problem by facing your fear.

Sum up!

To sum it all, staying away from your phone is the only solution. It’s obvious that you get rid of the throne that’s pricking you, right? You have to do the same here too.

Try to spend as much time as possible away from your phone. Other than the physical issues it can really mess up your mental health. Stress and anxiety caused by the phone should not be taken lightly.

Try these tips mentioned above so that you can successfully manage the stress induced by your smartphone.

I hope this blog helps you cope with stress and anxiety induced by smartphones. Do let me know in the comment section whether these tips helped you or not!

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Thanks for reading!

Take care and stay safe!

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