5 Simple Ways in Which You Can Manage Stress in Everyday Lives

Last Update on August 14, 2020 : Published on April 12, 2020
Manage Stress in Everyday Lives

Whether it is home, school or office, dealing with emotional and mental stress or managing stress in everydaylife can be a tough challenge. And if not dealt with properly, it can start to bottle up, which may have consequences and diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The problem which stands at the center of this whole scenario is not stress. It is not. It is our inability to handle stress.

We have been taught a lot of things from our childhood and in our school like calculus, trigonometry, organic chemistry, microbiology, macro finance, international business, etc. but never anything about understanding ourselves, our mindset, our reactions, our thought processes and how we can manage stressful situations.

So when the situation arises, we find ourselves unequipped and unable to deal, rendering ourselves more powerless than we are. So how you can change this, we can start by teaching your kids so that they don’t suffer the same challenges. And as for you, here are 6 simple ways in which you can manage stress in your everyday lives. Have a look.

How to Manage Stress in Everyday Lives

The steps down here may seem simple and easy to follow and most of you might be doing one or two of it, once in a blue moon but not more. So here is what you can do. Take up a 3 week challenge and apply these below ways to manage stress or stress management techniques in your daily life. Not just regularly but daily. Try not to miss a day, weekends are no exceptions. Consistency is the key.

Take a Bath

Managing Stress in Everyday Lives

You do? Every day? Twice a day? No? We are told and taught to bathe twice every day, but we don’t follow everything we are told, do we? Taking a bath can be quite therapeutic or its one of the best way to manage stress, if you do it right. Let me tell you how. Go for a cold shower. If you are not suffering from cold, cough, fever or any such diseases which may worsen because of a cold shower, then you should be fine. So when you are in the shower this is what you need to do. I am going to list the body parts in the order, in which you should pour cold water over it.

  1. Left leg, then right one
  2. Now do the same with your arms.
  3. Bend down and pour it at the back of the head. So that only your head gets wet and not your back.
  4. Now stand straight and pour it over your chest and front body.
  5. Now pour it over your back and you cover your whole body.

Now you may ask why this order. This order generally applies to people who live in cold and normal temperature regions but don’t have the habit of cold showers. People living in warmer areas won’t even feel much difference. But this order of pouring water prepares the body for cold water shock. So when you have poured water all over your body and it doesn’t feel like it is bathing in the north pole. Continue your shower slowly. Try to enjoy each and every splash after that point. You will feel a lot better once you get out.


Okay, so I do know that all you have a different and particular taste in music and don’t like other genres much. Like if you are into slow music, there is a possibility that fast, rock and metal music may feel like noise to you. So whichever genres you are in. Here is what you can do to enhance the effect. Choose a room with moderate lighting, temperature and no one to disturb you. Put on your headphones (good quality headphones are quite an asset).

Arrange your playlist with your favorite music, so that you can listen to songs or music for at least half an hour without interruption. Not getting interrupted is quite important here. After you have done it. Lay down on your bed, in the middle, in the most comfortable position you can get. Hit the play button, close your eyes and enjoy.

Your sound levels should not be hurting your ears but should be ample enough to block low level noises from outside. Try to listen to the sounds in the background and also to perceive it as whole. All you need is half an hour of your time, closed eyes, comfortable position, no one to disturb and favorite music. Time will just fly by!

Get a pet


I still remember my maternal aunt saying this while she held her dog with tears in her eyes. She said “if it weren’t for him (the dog), I would have been dead by now”. She was referring to her depression. She had been in it for years and didn’t reach out for help because even she didn’t know that she was in.

It was the dog which supported her and kept her company. Our furry little friends are way more than worth, I am sure you would strongly agree to this point. If you ask scientifically then, getting a pet would result in decreased: blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart diseases, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, etc. It can also result in an increase of happiness, socialization, quality of sleep, etc.

Maintain a journal

Never take a step back from addressing your feelings and emotions. They are the backbone of your behavior. If you can’t confess or discuss it then sort it out on your own. It’s quite easy. Sit down and write. Yes, jot down all that you feel. You can do it twice a day, just after getting and just before going to bed. Write how you are feeling, what you have learned and what you want to change. Keep a record. After these three weeks, read all of them. You will get a rough picture of what has been going on with your mind and your surroundings.


Get a pet

I am pretty sure that you are aware of how important it is to exercise. It helps maintain health, body and a happy state of mind. Exercising is important not just for your physical health but emotional as well. Studies have found that people who exercise regularly are more capable of handling stress. Now it doesn’t mean that you start stressing over why your friend can bench heavier. That’s like creating a trap for your own self. Enjoy the activity and maintain consistency. You will have tremendous results.

So these were some of the points that I wanted to share with you on how you can manage stress in your everyday lives. All these points would fail if you don’t adopt a healthy attitude. Yes, that’s the bonus 6th point. A healthy attitude is like driving fuel. If you are negative, then you won’t even get the courage to get out of the house. So work hard and be happy.

Hope it helps. Do let us know your experience of this three week challenge. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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