Care About What Others Think About You A Lot? Here’s How To Stop Doing That!

Last Update on July 31, 2023 : Published on December 28, 2021
How to stop caring about what others think

We live in a social world with a lot of social relationships to maintain. In the pressure to maintain these social relationships we often give into the trap. We begin to care about what other people think of you!

Now, think to yourself, is their opinion about you really that important? I know when you come to your immediate family and friends you don’t want them to think of you otherwise, and that’s completely fine. The trouble begins when you start caring about what other people (distant relatives or friends or even an acquaintance) think about you.

First things first, why do we even think about what other people have to say about us? I mean how are xyz person’s thoughts affecting us? Mostly we don’t even get to know about other’s actual thoughts.

Let’s find out…

Psychology Behind Caring About What Other People Think?

Now, as we all know we are social beings and our society is a huge part of our existence. We can’t live without our society, be it an intimate set of people that forms your society or an entire community that makes your society. We all need people because social animals and being around people is something that comes from an innate need.

No one likes to be disliked or misunderstood for no reason. We all want people to know who we are. It completely depends on the person if he/she wishes to display their true self or the societal persona that they have created.

Here’s why you might think about other peoples opinions 

  • you base your happiness on the quality of relationships with others
  • You want to be in the good books of all people
  • You are a people-pleasing person
  • You fear you’ll lose your friends if they don’t like you
  • You want a pleasing public attention

There can be other reasons too depending on every individual’s personality. These are some of the most common reasons why someone might care about what others think. Do you care about what others think about you? Worry no more, here’s how you can stop caring about others’ opinion of you…

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How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think?

Here are some tips that you can follow so that not worrying about what others think about you becomes really easy.

1. Does it really matter?:

Whenever you find yourself caring about what another person is thinking about you, ask yourself, “Does it really matter?” If that someone’s not an important part of your life, stop worrying about their thoughts right away. If that someone matters to you a lot go have a conversation with them and express your feelings.

2. It’s always about your perception:

keep your perspective very clear. You look at things through the lens of your perception and that actually matters a lot. Let’s get one thing straight, we have highly overestimated the time other people invest in thinking about us.


3. Check your thoughts:

keep a check on your thoughts. As humans we are mostly governed by our cognitive distortion which instills negative thinking in us. These negative thoughts keep questioning us about what others are thinking about you. Therefore, stay away from the cognitive bias.

4. Don’t try to be a perfectionist:

most people want to be perfect in someone else’s eyes and that’s a trap. This thought will constantly want you to be a certain way so that others think highly of you. And as soon as someone goes wrong (according to a perfectionist) you begin to ponder on what others might be thinking of you now.

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5. Focus on yourself:

You really need to get to know yourself better. What are your likes, needs and wants? Do not decide depending on what others might think if you choose a particular path. It’s your life and only you can make yourself happy. Live for yourself, it’s not being selfish!

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6. Find your tribe:

Find your kind of people. What’s the point of having friends who might judge you all the time? That fear of judgment will not let you live in peace. It’s better to be with people who understand you and never judge you.

7. It’s okay to make mistakes:

it’s completely normal to make mistakes and be vulnerable at times. Allow yourself that vulnerability and give yourself that space. It’s okay! We all make mistakes, if today it’s you, tomorrow it’s going to be me!


Worrying about what other people think of you will only upset you. You need to rise above that fear and anxiety of being judged by others. You are unique and there is no point doing what others are doing because then you will be killing your uniqueness.

Choose your own path and do it your way. What others have to think about that is none of your business. You focus on yourself and rise at your own pace, doing your own thing.

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I hope you found this blog interesting. Do comment down below on how you stopped caring about what other people think about you? Let’s all share and learn from each other!

Thanks for reading.

Take care and do your thing!

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