7 Effective Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

Last Update on August 17, 2020 : Published on August 17, 2020
Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be your biggest enemy… not only professionally but personally also. Overcoming from perfectionism might be the long run but it established the pursuit of excellence and peace in life. Some people are also proud of being a perfectionist and they should be, perfectionism is not a bad trait. But, there is a difference between high achievers and perfectionists.

be real not perfect

If you have traits of perfectionists, it is important to find ways or strategies to move towards a non-perfectionist behavior. Because being a perfectionist robs the peace of mind, self-esteem, and enjoyment. Overcoming perfectionism can really reduce the level of stress from your daily life. In this blog, I have enlisted effective ways to overcome perfectionism. So, let’s get started.

7 Effective Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

1. Integrate between perfectionism and high achievers

understand what perfectionism

Before you start dwelling more into ways for overcoming perfectionism, it is really essential to understand what perfectionism and high achievers means. The definition and meaning behind the words can really help you to stay inspired to make appropriate changes in yourself.

High achievement is something that makes you happy or motivated and where you have learned from your faults. The actual cost of high achievement only comes when you strived for that excellence and it made you happy in return.

Meanwhile, perfectionism is quite different. Perfectionists always make them appear lacking which is not all satisfactory. They somehow are not proud of themselves. Therefore, understand the difference between the two and start working accordingly.

2. Practice cost-benefit analysis

This means take a close look at your traits. Perfectionism is full of negative and positive traits (more negative). To practice the cost-benefit analysis, make a list of your perfectionism traits and try to convert such traits into something positive. When I say something positive, I mean make them your strength or tendency (something to be proud of)!

3. Realize your tendencies

Perfectionists carry a pervasive trait that is really toxic. Therefore, try to realize your patterns so that you can alter those toxic traits into positive traits. To realize your pattern, keep a small diary with you and whenever perfectionism related thought comes into your mind, write it down. At the end of the day, integrate between positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Play wise here!

4. Focus on the bright side

focus on the bright side

If you are already aware of your perfectionism trait, I bet you have already started to balance your actions and started working on the trait. The fact is that overcoming perfectionism is not easy; being a perfectionist has become your part now. Therefore, whenever you try to notice something from your perfectionist’s eyes…try to notice such things from a positive side. Try to be friends with your inner critic and alter the thoughts into positivity.

5. Practice positive self-talk

Maybe I am being so dramatic right now, but there is always one devil side of ours who keep talking and keeps telling us that “this is not good enough.” If you really want to overcome perfectionism, you really have to focus on altering the thoughts of this tiny little devil. Change the tiny devil into an angel and practice positive self-talk. In this way, you will be on the road of happiness and a lot of appreciation.

6. Take small steps

start setting some goals

Meanwhile, start setting some goals overcoming perfectionism. Try to add some realistic goals with fewer demands, in this way you can decrease a lot of stress. Make sure you do not sacrifice the result and reward yourself whenever you achieve them. In this way, you will become a self-forgiver of your own mistakes. Moreover, it is the best way to shape your future professionally and personally.

7. Enjoy the procedure

Enjoy the process

Do not focus more on results or outcomes. Enjoy the process regarding how hard you are working hard to achieve something. Start journaling about how you feel and how relieved you feel after achieving a goal. Simply, enjoy the process and stop focusing on the result.

I hope this blog helps you to overcome perfectionism. For more such inspiring content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading and be positive!

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