How To Tell Someone You Have Feelings For Them Without Awkwardness

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“I love you” has different connotations. When said to a partner, it is romantic, while when you say it to your pet, parents, or inanimate objects, it is platonic. Whatever the case, saying I love you is the most difficult and trickiest thing. Uttering the three magic words is a scary prospect – so scary that most people have palpation, feel nervous, and sometimes cannot speak. If you are also one of those, don’t worry, pal. We’ve got you.

The intense desire to be with that special person, holding their hands, blushing while thinking about them, and falling in love, is a beautiful feeling. At the same time, the what if’s make you worry a lot, and you keep thinking about what if they won’t reciprocate similarly.

In times like these, when you are clueless about another person’s feelings, you need some ways that will help tell your crush you like them without getting trashed.

Why should you Tell someone that You Love them?

If you have fallen in love, expressing your feelings is right. Certainly, the fear of rejection might stop you, but once you are out in the open and have expressed your feelings, you will no longer be riddled with What if’s –

What if I would have said it differently?

What if I had shared my feelings earlier?

What if I would have said, how would my life be?

Saying it is better than regretting later; you never know if the other person feels the same way and is waiting for you. There’s always a 50-50 chance, isn’t it? But you might lose the person if you don’t say it just because you fear rejection. Hence, it is best to say it.

However, if there are a few circumstances like the ones listed below, then refrain from expressing your feelings:-

  1. The person is already in a relationship.
  2. Have told you that they consider you as their sibling.
  3. If you have tried sharing your feelings and they have told you they don’t want a romantic relationship with you.
  4.  If they tell you to approach others and go on dates.
  5. When they friend-zone you.

If none of the above fits your situation, read along and learn how to tell someone you love them without making them feel awkward.

How to tell someone you have feelings for them without saying I love you?

Everyone wants to be loved, and when someone tells them you mean the world to them and their life revolves around you, or you have become the axis of their life, it is an altogether different feeling.  On the contrary, it is not the same for the person confessing.

Saying I love you to pets or inanimate objects is easier than saying it to a human. Luckily, there are certain love languages that you can use to express your feelings.

If saying I love you makes you stutter, freeze, or go completely blank, here are 10 alternatives to get started with:

  1. Your presence enriches my life.
  2. I feel different after meeting you.
  3. You bring the best in me, and I want to be better than I am.
  4. I don’t know what I would do without you.
  5. You’re important to me, and I don’t take you for granted.
  6. I treasure you and our connection.
  7. I’ll hold onto you and the memories we have shared forever.
  8. I want you to be a part of my life.
  9. Making you happy is the reason I try.
  10. Caring for you makes me whole and complete.

However, if all you want to say is I love you, without being awkward or breaking the friendship, follow these tips :

1. Make your crush feel special.

Before expressing your feelings, make the other person feel special. When you tell someone they are special but they can’t feel it, they will not be able to understand your feelings. So make some gestures that will make them feel special.

You can start by complimenting them. This is one smooth way to tell your crush that you like them. Compliment in a sweet way, not in a creepy manner. You can say-

I love the way you smile. It brightens up everything.

You have an amazing sense of humor, you can make even the dullest thing smile.

I like the way you dress, you look awesome.

I like the way you carry yourself. You always look amazing.

2. Give them a hint

If saying I love you is never wrecking for you, try hinting to your crush about your feelings. Make eye contact with them, and sit close to them subtly. Hold the gaze for a few seconds, wink, or send some flirty text message.

3. Practice what you want to say.

A little preparation always helps. It might feel strange at first, but when you know what you want to say, you will get the confidence to speak. Rehearsing will boost your confidence and make you feel less nervous.

4. Give them time to reciprocate.

When you tell the other person how you feel, don’t make them respond then and there. Give them time and space, they might be shocked after learning about your feelings. So give them time to think, don’t make it an obligation for your crush to respond to you.

You can tell them, I don’t want you to respond right now. You can take your time. I just wanted to express my feelings, and I respect your feelings.

5. Feel comfortable

You might be so busy making the crush comfortable that you may forget your comfort. Remember, you need to be comfortable, too. So when you express your feelings, do what feels right to you. Pick a location you like, don’t go with crowded coffee shops or hallways to tell how you feel about the person. Look for a private or semi-private setting, ask the person if you can talk and have an honest conversation.

6. Talk to your friends.

Nothing works like a pep talk. Your best friend can fix everything for you, especially if you are unsure how to express yourself. Before you go and talk to your crush, share what you feel with your friends. They can give you ideas on how to approach and also they can tell you if the feeling is real or if it is just infatuation.

7. Don’t text and tell them your feelings.

This is one thing you should never do because text might be confusing. So, pick a moment and do it in person. Never do it when you are a peg down, do it when you are sober. Talk face-to-face so that if there are things that you cannot say, they can be read via expressions. Don’t leave room for confusion or misunderstandings.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can express yourself and tell someone you love them without feeling awkward or hurt. We at CalmSage hope you get your soulmate and love your life soon. See you in the next post.

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