Movement Meditation: Hang Out With Your Inner Universe

Last Update on October 31, 2023 : Published on November 3, 2021
Movement meditation

If you are a regular reader at Calm Sage, you must be aware that we keep on exploring various types of meditation. In today’s blog, I have discovered a new meditation style named movement meditation which is a form of mindful meditation. Heard about movement meditation for the first time? Well, I even discovered this meditation a few weeks ago and I have been practicing it for the last 10 days. Let’s explore mindful movement meditation more laconically …

To begin with, first of all, let us understand, what is movement meditation?

What Is Movement Meditation?

What is Movement Meditation

Movement meditation is a form of meditation that shifts our conscious levels while doing simple movements. Movement meditation is a way of creating awareness and calming the mind. Often, we related meditation with stillness, sitting, or lying in a particular and comfortable position by simply focusing on our breath. However, movement meditation is completely different as it is based on body movements as well. Overall, it provides a trail to contemplation.

Before you start relating movement meditation with qigong, aikido, or tai chi, let me tell you they can also include movement meditation, still, movement meditation is a different thing. Movement meditation can be imagined as Sufi whirling or walking a labyrinth. Moreover, dance movements can also be considered under movement meditation.

So, overall movement meditation can be contemplated as a physical practice of yoga as well. If you salute the sun while doing Yoga while keeping your breath and mind synchronized, it can be involved as a meditative state along with body movement.

It is a form of traditional meditation which also includes slow-moving of hands. Consecutively, mindfulness is the major part of movement meditation.

How To Perform Movement Meditation?

How to Perform Movement Meditation

You can begin movement meditation by just sitting in a comfortable meditation position. There are various ways to do it, I am explaining the way which I really enjoy doing. You can take any position you want; you don’t have to clear your thoughts before practicing it, any movement is correct for practicing movement meditation.

Some people also prefer walking while practicing movement meditation. However, the way of doing it gets a little bit different. They walk in a predefined space so that they can observe the wind, their feet, their hands, their breathing, and more.

It really does not matter which type of movement you prefer to practice, just keep in mind that it should be slow and full of mindfulness. Here is a step-by-step guide to practice movement meditation in a sitting position:

1. Take your comfortable position and align your body with your breath.

2. Try to synchronize your movements and breathe like you can sway your body and keep your breath aligned with the movements.

3. After synchronizing, stand up and notice your body, movements, breathe, and changes that take place in your body.

4. After standing up, start observing the feelings and thoughts. Herein, the aim should be to notice uncomfortable feelings so that you can calm down your mind. Adjust or move your body in such a way that it takes all the worries, negative feelings, and thoughts away from your mind and body.

5. If you are feeling stressed, you can start from the top and release your emotions. The idea is to keep moving through your body. It doesn’t really matter how much time it takes to get in a mindful situation. You can take as much time as you want.

6. Keep your focus on your movements, body, and breathing. You can also suppose as if you are dancing or hanging up with your inner universe.

7. Keep repeating the process, until and unless you begin to feel the calmness.

Benefits of Movement Meditation

Below are some common benefits of movement meditation:

  1. Movement meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  2. Movement meditation helps in boosting immunity.
  3. Movement meditation helps in promoting deep and quality sleep.
  4. Movement meditation promotes a healthy, happy, and positive life.
  5. Movement meditation helps to release trauma, unresolved feelings, and other mental health issues.
  6. Movement meditation helps in keeping physical and mental health intact.

Music Ideas for Practicing Movement Meditation

You can also practice movement meditation with light background music, here are some recommendations:

1. Meditation dance

2. Relaxing background music

3. Positive energy music for meditation


4. Celtic music for stress relief

5. Deep healing music for the body & soul

I hope this blog helps you to understand everything you wanted to learn about movement meditation. Practice movement meditation and do share your experience through the comment section. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

Keep meditating and stay healthy!

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