Personality Quiz: Choose A Door and Know Your Personality

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Personality Quiz choose the door

Knocking at a door can open ways to different opportunities in your life. However, the doors given below are a little different. They will open your way to know yourself better!


These are the doors to your personality! Basically, behind these locked doors are some aspects of your personality that you might be aware of or maybe not.

All you have to do is choose a door from the 10 different doors given below and learn some fun facts about your personality.

Move to the answers only when you have picked the one that appeals to you the most.

So, let the personality quiz begin…

Choose A Door and Know Your Personality

Personality Quiz Results

Now that you have picked on a door that appealed you the most let us find out what it has to say about your personality.


Your Personality if you choose…

Door 1: You are fun-loving and easy-going, just like the breeze.

You want that everyone around you gets the best and to ensure this you are always creating a welcoming environment for them. Appreciating even the smallest things like- a fragrance candle, eating at a local bakery, having a planter by your side is what makes you unique. Your love for traveling and interest in other cultures makes you fun-loving. However, with all this, you often forget to ask for help. So, remember sometimes if you need support is it okay to ask someone.

Door 2: You like things simple and clean.

Frills? Nay! You are a simple and clean soul. Your achievements in work and career speak a lot about your intellect. But, there is something still missing! How about spending upon developing yourself as a person since your wall of fame is already developing? Try to create balance in your life, embrace more colors in your surroundings and don’t forget to create fun memories to look back to. Although striving for a clean and perfect existence is crucial but sometimes taking the road not taken can bring surprises to your life. Do give it a shot!

Door 3: You love expressing yourself in many ways, just like an artist.

Being a quirky individual and being great at various things makes you the ‘Jack or Jill of all trades’ (Wink Wink). Being artistic and open to expressing oneself to the others around makes you an interesting individual to the people who let you into their life. You are like a Genie, making something out of anything, basically making vintage ‘new’ again is your superpower. But, while you are busy swinging on clouds, don’t forget to get grounded, get out and connect with nature. It will help you be a better version of yourself.

Door 4: Hello, Old Soul! Expressing oneself the classic way is you.

An old soul with a dash of drama! That’s a fantastic combination. You are always engaged in artistically expressing yourself be it via writing, music or art. Often you are your guard; keeping your thoughts and problems to yourself. You are a dichotomy; for you can be open and friendly while expressing yourself, yet closed and deeply private when it comes to guarding oneself. You need to know that people are willing to share their feelings with you and they want you to share your feelings with them. So, you can put that thinking of nobody will understand me at the corner and allow yourself to open up. You are surely going to feel so much better with this.

Door 5: Busy Bee! You are always on the go of being productive.

Fitting in and being a major contributor in every situation is very important to you! To feel at ease you are always busy with something or the other, making sure you are being productive. Often this busy-ness of yours takes you away from the things that are going around you. So pause, take a breath and ask yourself what your body wants you to be doing? Or what you love to do and start working towards it. Remember it is okay to remove the sash of busy-bee from your shoulders and just BE.

Door 6: A confident person with an eye for detail, don’t forget to breathe and relax.

It is not just the people around you view you as someone who is all together and exciting to be with but, it is you being YOU on the inside that gives your wholeness. Keeping your room, wardrobe, and surroundings messy is fine but when it comes to your appearance or how the world sees you; you make sure that it has to be pitch-perfect. With contradictions going in your life it can get difficult for you, therefore, don’t forget to breathe and just relax for a while. Keep this in mind that you don’t have to turn against yourself when the going gets tough, be kind to yourself and reflect on who you truly want to be. Don’t forget to remind yourself that life is not just about pleasing others and the world is not always watching you.

Door 7: Minimalism and serving above self is your mantra of life.

You are a simple minimalist with a list of important things to do (always). Caring for others is your forte and you always find time for it (but hey! What about some time for yourself). You surround yourself with meaningful things that hold sentiment for you. Putting others over yourself be it family or friends makes you happy. But not

With all this going around let us take a moment to find out what

P.S. don’t forget that Your Life is still YOUR Life First.

Door 8: Being chirpy, fun and playful mark your presence.

You are young and youthful because your personality is fun and playful. This makes you easy-going but with anxiety swiping in about specific things in your life your self-confidence often goes down. Of Course, you are proud to be you but in the midst of it, you learn to love yourself more. For this to happen to find yourself through self-expression and take help from people around you. Life is easier when you let people in just let them know you are willing to receive help. It will further help you stay organized (let us be honest you are usually unorganized) and will aid in fixing the messy problems.

Door 9: The solution to every problem is you! Easy to please and a shoulder to rely on.

You are a quirky person which makes you an amazing problem solver that prides his/her thrifty living. Your key to happy living is- ditch the complications and get by the basics. You are easy to love and with your superpower to make things always work; you are there for others, helping them out. The bulb in the office needs to be fixed? The neighbor dog wants a shelter for a couple of days? Or mom wants the toilet to be fixed? They all know who to rely on- YOU. But with all of this going on in your life don’t miss on treating yourself with amazing things that life has to offer you. C’mon, you are special too!

Door 10: Making sure everything is safe and secure is central to your personality.

You never miss a chance to appreciate stability and wholeness. You are a dependable and reliable person who takes pride in their love of quality and details. Apart from it, you like to ensure security and safety in all parts of your life, eliminating any room for risk. You make sure that only useful things are there, cutting off the extras. While focusing on all this, you might have just curbed the creative side of yours in some way. Pick that guitar up or grab that paintbrush and start exploring this hidden side of ours. Even if you don’t want to make it a career choice, doing it for fun won’t cause any harm either. Plus, shed off that burden of carrying your problems alone from your shoulder and start opening up to people. Just keep it in mind that we all are human with our problems, and sharing will reduce that burden.

We hope you enjoyed discovering some known and unknown facts about your personality. Do share this personality quiz with your friends and let them explore their personalities.

Don’t forget to share your results and experience in the comment section below.

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