Post Concert Depression: Symptoms, & How to Cope

Last Update on December 19, 2023 : Published on December 19, 2023

You must have heard of depression and I am sure you more or less know what causes depression. Did you know going to a concert can make you develop depression? Well, it can and that kind of depression is named Post Concert Depression.

Post Concert Depression is real and usually happens to those who are active concert-goes. Having said that, Post Concert Depression can also be seen in people who might just attend concerts once in a blue moon.

In my understanding, Post-Concert Depression comes from the feeling of missing something/someone after having been with them for a short period. You wait for days and months for the concert and your preferred artist to perform live and when it’s over you feel like there is nothing left to look forward to and you begin feeling depressed.

Let’s understand the Post Concert Depression a little better;

What Is Post Concert Depression?


If we look at the definition of post concert depression according to Urban Dictionary, Post concert depression can be described as the feeling of grief and loss after the concert is over. People who develop post concert depression also feel like they have no purpose in life and they can’t seem to put any meaning to their lives after the awaited performance or concert is over.

Before the world went into a pandemic, people who frequently attended concerts and live performances would use the term Post Concert Depression to address the melancholic feeling they experienced after the event was over.

Now, you should know that post-concert depression does not occur because the performance of your favorite artist went bad or the concert experience, on the whole, was disappointing. Post concert depression is only caused by the feeling of being so close to your idol yet being so far from them after the event comes to an end.

In my understanding, the meaning of post concert depression can be summarized by saying that it happens when the feeling of missing the concert/performance becomes so strong that you can’t focus on anything else. You deeply enjoyed the feeling of being there that you keep revisiting the concert in your mind time and again.

Want to know post concert depression even better? Let’s have a look at the symptoms of post concert depression…

Symptoms Of Post Concert Depression


The fruit doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Likewise, the symptoms of post concert depression are not very different from the basic symptoms of depression. The recognize post concert depression in someone, you can easily do it by just keeping these few symptoms in mind;

  1. Rumination: you constantly have negative thoughts about your life. You feel like you have no purpose in life and now that the concert/performance is over, there is no meaning to your life anymore.
  2. Melancholic feeling: you experience a lot of feelings and emotions but the one that overpowers all is sadness and loneliness. You feel extremely sad and disheartened that you stop enjoying the things you have and dwell on feelings of sadness and despair.
  3. Stuck in the concert: even though you have resumed work and have started living your life the way you used to pre-concert, your mind is still stuck in the past. You keep revisiting the memories of the concert in your mind. You have not returned from the concert mentally, you’re still there only.
  4. Helplessness: you constantly feel like you want to go back to the concert but you also know that that’s not possible anymore. You feel helpless that you can’t go back even though you are longing to be at the concert.
  5. Constant worry: you are so apprehensive that something so exciting, fun, and enjoyable won’t happen again. You constantly fear that you will not be able to experience something like this ever again.
  6. Grief: once the concert is over you begin to have feelings of grief. you go through all the stages of grief through the entire episode of post concert depression. You feel like you’ve lost something so special that nothing can replace it.

These are the main six symptoms of post concert depression but it does stop just there. Someone who experiences post concert depression also shows a few more minor symptoms such as:

  • Constantly looking at the photos and videos from the concert
  • Replay every memory that you have from the concert in your mind all the time
  • You indulge in reminiscence with yourself or people around you
  • You can’t focus on anything because you’re mentally absent from everywhere other than the concert

Is Post Concert Depression Real?

To be scientific, there is no such diagnosis as post concert depression, therefore this condition can’t be diagnosed by this name. Having said that, post concert depression is real even though it is not diagnosed by the name post concert depression.

A mental health professional might diagnose you with depression which has a specific cause/reason. For a layman, it’s fair to use the term post concert depression to describe the melancholic phase after you’ve been to a concert and you miss it.

Post concert depression is real and can happen to anyone who either goes to concerts quite frequently or just attends once in a while. The depressive feelings develop because you miss the whole experience of being at a concert and witnessing the artist perform live.

Post-Performance Depression vs. Post-Concert Depression

Post-performance depression and post-concert depression are closely related to one another, but they are different. Post-performance blues or depression is typically experienced by actors or performers after a show. This depression centers around the performer’s experience, almost getting the feeling like the spotlight has dimmed. Post-performance depression can be intense, especially if the performance is emotionally charged.

Post-concert blues, on the other hand, is more related to the music scene where the music hits you in the feels. Get me? This depression is based on the audience’s experience rather than the performer’s. Each person who is listening to the music might have a different connection to the music. Post-concert depression can involve a mix of emotions, based on the energy of the concert.

How Long Does Post-Concert Depression Last?

Post-concert depression is the guest no one likes to entertain much; yes, the one who overstays its welcome. While the depression episodes in post-concert depression may vary from person to person, they can typically last a few days to a couple of weeks. If the depression lasts for more than two weeks, then it is recommended you speak to a professional for a major depressive disorder diagnosis.

Your emotions are just like the music notes; they need time to work through and process. It’s OK to feel down after the concert. So, give yourself some time to embrace your emotions, and you’ll bounce back from this downward spiral. If it doesn’t get better, then it’s time to seek help from a professional.

How to Get Over Post Concert Depression?


Do you like going to concerts? Have you ever had symptoms of post concert depression? If you are someone who has experienced the said symptoms of post concert depression and wish to get over post concert depression, here’s what you need to do;

1. Be grateful: by simply practicing gratitude you can get over post concert depression. Be grateful that you can witness the artist perform and savor each moment so that whenever you revisit the memory, it doesn’t make you feel like you lost something.

2. Connect with other fans: connecting with other fans acts like joining a support group that helps you get a sense of belonging. Meeting or connecting with other fans can also help you with post concert depression because you can learn from what other fans did to get over their post concert depression.

3. Save your memories: you can print out some pictures you took during the concert, make a collage or make a short film out of the videos you made so that you can capture each moment of that day. It will be like your own ‘keep-safe’ for all the memories you made and all the fun you had.

4. Do things that you enjoy: well, the main thing about post concert depression is that you feel like you’ve lost the chance to be happy again or feel that kind of joy again. To help you not feel like you, you need to do other things that bring joy to you. This will help you move on with it and not feel depressed.

5. Have your own concert: I know it is not possible to throw yourself a concert but you can have a jam session with your friends or other fans. It might not give you the same feeling as a concert but is sure to give you a similar kind of happiness and joy.

6. Find a new attraction: you are dealing with the fear and worry of having nothing to look forward to in life. Make a list of things that you enjoy or a list of events that you can go to in the future, make plans with your friends, go on a holiday, etc.  This list will make you feel like there are a lot of things you can look forward to.

7. Take some time off for fun: there are a lot of activities you can do for example go for a karaoke night or plan regular jam sessions with your friends, etc. always have time for fun and recreation. You will not feel purposeless if you keep something interesting for the end of the week, it is going to keep you motivated.

When Should You Reach Out For Help?

We all get those moments when life becomes too much. If your post-concert blues are lasting longer than a few weeks and begin to mess with your day-to-day routine and functioning, then it’s a sign you need to reach out for help and support. You can talk to a friend or family member, or can even speak to a therapist about your feelings.

Talking about what you’re feeling post-concert can help you find a resolution. So, don’t hesitate to reach out when you need to understand how the music affects your soul. You don’t have to face the music alone.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about post concert depression interesting and informative. If you think you have experienced post concert depression or know someone who has, give these tips to get over post concert depression a try.

However, if you feel like your post concert depression is getting worse or the feeling you get after you’ve attended a concert is not pleasant and makes you feel very unsettled then you must visit a mental health professional.

I hope the blog helped you with all your concerns about post concert depression.  Post concert depression may not have a clinical diagnosis but it is real. Now, keep the symptoms of post concert depression in mind so that it’s easy for you to recognize it when you see it.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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