Signs of Power Struggles In A Relationship

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Relationships are very fragile till the time we reach a stage where the understanding of our partner is at the maximum. It’s quite difficult to reach that stage in a relationship. Before that, a couple goes through various other stages of a relationship.

The power struggle is a stage in a relationship that comes immediately after the ‘blind-in-love’ stage (initial stage) passes. In the initial stage, you’re all ga-ga about your partner, nothing they do bothers you. But soon after this stage passes, you start to notice things that might not resonate with you.

One of the most common issue people face in relationships is the power struggle. You both have different personalities but when it comes to power, no one likes to have their freedom taken away. Power struggles are common but if not dealt with properly can not only affect your relationship but also affect both your mental and emotional health.

Today, we will look at signs you’re facing power struggles in your relationship and what can be done to overcome power struggles in a relationship.

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What Are Power Struggles In A Relationship?


Power struggles are extremely common in relationships. Power struggles occur only we give our all to the relationship but we are still holding on to our sense of individuality and identity and independence.

Which is not wrong at all, one should never lose their identity in a relationship. The problem arises when both partners refuse to make those tinny compromises to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

These conflicts where you expect your word to be the last and don’t make room for your partner’s independence and opinion are where power struggles in a relationship come in. Power struggles in a relationship can make you feel trapped, taking a toll on your emotional well-being.

Signs Of Power Struggle In A Relationship

Power-Struggle -Relationship

If you are facing issues in your relationship, power struggles may be to be blamed. It’s easy to read power struggles as incompatibilities issues, therefore it’s important to know what power struggles actually look like.

Here are some common signs you’re in a power struggle with your partner that needs to be fixed;

  • Both partners have strong personalities: having a strong personality is good but when both share similar temperaments, it’s difficult to not have conflicting views about things.
  • Fail to understand your point of you and/or vice-versa: it’s either you or your partner that does not give attention to what the other has in mind. That is because either one or both of you don’t understand what the other is trying to say.
  • One of the partners always takes the lead: this is one of the prominent signs you’re in a power struggle. When one partner chooses on behalf of both of them without even consulting the other will cause trouble.
  • One partner always feels like they are right: when one of them thinks they can’t go wrong and doesn’t give enough space to the other to voice their opinions, the power struggle begins to become toxic.
  • Hold grudges: irrespective of how small or big an issue it may be, when you’re in a power struggle in your relationship one or both partners hold grudges against the other for a long time.

How To Deal With Power Struggles In Relationships?

If you have found yourself at a point in your relationship where power struggles are ruining it for both of you, you both will have to work together to resolve the issues. If you don’t know where to begin, here are a few things you can try;

  • Set a new goal for your relationship ad focus on the small things
  • Don’t give in to manipulation, try to be honest with each other
  • Communication is key. Make sure you talk to each other by the end of the day
  • Address your concerns and make space for both of your opinions
  • Make sure the roles each of you plays in the relationship are clear
  • Take some breaks and allow the other some space
  • Reevaluate your life and the quality of your relationship together
  • Engage in fun activities and hobbies together
  • Let each other row the boat
  • Understand and acknowledge the fact that you’re a team
  • Rediscover and explore each other again
  • Never stop making your partner feel wanted
  • Let the hopeless romantic side of yours out sometimes
  • If things still don’t go well, visit a professional

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I hope you found this blog about power struggles in a relationship helpful, interesting, and thought-provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family, especially those who have been facing conflicts or power struggles in their relationships.

I hope this piece of information helps you deal with power struggles in your relationships.

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