10 Things Every Couple In A Happy & Healthy Relationship Knows (And You Should Too!)

Last Update on June 23, 2021 : Published on June 23, 2021
10 Things Every Couple In A Happy & Healthy Relationship Knows

Not all relationships are perfect, even if they seem so on paper…or social media. I mean, in every relationship, there comes a time where you are truly not happy with your partner or you wish to go away to regroup. But this is what a relationship is, right?

Happy and healthy relationships are not what you see on TV or in movies. You may get mad at your partner’s behavior or you may want to yell at them but that is the beauty, the truth of relationships.

But then what is the secret, the things a happy couple knows that you don’t? What are they doing in their imperfect relationship that keeps them happy?

There are many things that a happy couple knows and does that keep their imperfect relationship healthy and successful.

10 Things That A Happy Couple Knows

1. There Will Be Conflicts

There Will Be Conflicts

Disagreements and conflicts are all a part of relationships. Getting angry and frustrated with your partner is okay and so is fighting and arguing. And while some fights will be minor, some will be major but any fight that ends up abusive is not okay. A happy couple knows that there is no ignoring a conflict or disagreement. They acknowledge that and they come up with ways to resolve those conflicts.

2. Together Is The Way To Go

A happy couple knows that whatever happens, whatever you’re faced with in the future, you’ll be stronger if you’re together. In a healthy relationship, each person is responsible and accountable, so whatever you face, you need to be together if you want to come out stronger on the other side. Support each other, don’t bully the other into doing something they don’t want to. That’s not okay.

3. Assuming Things Never Work Out

No one likes to guess, apart from contestants on a game show. If you don’t express your feelings to your partner, they’ll never know (or they’ll assume) what you’re feeling. Assumptions are not always correct. If it makes you mad when your partner leaves the lights on or forgets to pick up their towel, tell them about it and how their actions are frustrating you.

4. Their Relationship Is Their Business

Their Relationship Is Their Business

When a couple comes together in a relationship, many people tell them how they should move forward from here on out. Many couples are also told who should assume what roles in the relationship (a common issue for same-sex couples). What happy couples know is that their relationship is their business and what roles they assume in a relationship is entirely up to them. Other people’s opinions are heard but how they affect your relationship is up to you.

5. Relationships Evolve, Grow & Change

Relationships Evolve, Grow & Change

When a relationship is new, everything looks and seems magical and bright but what happy couples in healthy relationships know is that it will change with time. Sometimes, people fall out of love but sometimes that young, new love might just evolve into something more beautiful. If your love is predictable and comfortable, it doesn’t mean that there are no new adventures left. It just means that your relationship is evolving and changing, for the better.

6. Spending Time With Oneself Is Important

Doing things together is good and important but what every happy couple knows is that spending time apart from each other is also important. You must engage in hobbies and spend time with yourself. Hang out with your friends, join a class (without your partner), or go on a retreat. Do something just for yourself.

7. Talking To Each Other Is Also Important

Sure, relationships evolving and changing is good but if you and your partner are not evolving with the relationship, what’s the point? A happy couple knows that talking to each other and making plans together for themselves as well as their relationship is also important. Being on the same page when it comes to the relationship should be given importance too. Knowing your goals are not similar ten years down the road is not healthy or guarantees the success of the relationship.

8. Actions Matter As Much As Words

Actions Matter As Much As Words

Words are important and they matter but so do actions that match the words. Doing things together is good but sometimes you need to woo your partner just to make them feel special and loved. Show them how you feel, don’t assume they know about your feelings. Sometimes people need to hear and see how important they are to you.

9. Trust Is An Important Foundation

Being honest with each other and being able to trust each other is another secret of a happy couple. Honesty is the best policy, right? Be truthful to your partner if the truth hurts. Knowing the truth about where you are from is better than knowing where you are from someone else. Make sure your partner understands that when they ask you something, you’ll be honest with them.

10. Asking For Help Is Not A Weakness

Asking For Help Is Not A Weakness

A happy couple knows that asking for help when it comes to relationship issues or other issues is not a weakness but courage. Seeking help means that there are things you’d like to work on together but you need extra support and guidance from a professional. It is a sign of courage and says that you are invested in this relationship and are willing to do whatever it takes to improve your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are not a walk in the park. They need work – time, effort, patience, love, and courage. These above-mentioned things are what every happy couple knows and they practice them daily to keep their relationship healthy and successful.

I hope these things will help you and your partner also to have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship. For more, you can contact us at info@calmsage.com or connect with us on our social media pages.

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