11 Relationship Goals For A Stronger Partnership

Last Update on June 18, 2021 : Published on June 20, 2021
Relationship Goals For A Stronger Partnership

We all want to experience love – to love and to be loved in return. Relationships are one of the most challenging as well as the most cherished part of falling in love. All relationships are different so why should the relationship goals be the same?

And I’m not talking about the #relationshipgoals, here but the goals you and your partner set together to assure a smooth, healthy, and lovable partnership. The best part of a relationship is the coming together of two different individuals to create a unique relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to a relationship or you’ve been in a relationship for decades, goals are not all same and they tend to change as time goes on.

In this blog, I’ve explained the need to have healthy relationship goals as well as a list of relationship goals you can make to assure a healthy and lovable partnership.

Why Do You Need Relationship Goals?

Why Do You Need Relationship Goals

All relationships need goals to keep a relationship – new or old – strong, healthy, and happy. It’s easy to say that love is all we need to keep a relationship strong and happy and while I’ll agree that love plays a major role in supporting a relationship, it is, however, not enough.

To sustain a relationship, in the long run, commitment, responsibility, and respect bound together with love are important. Goals for a relationship can be short-term as well as long-term, depending on the partnership. Relationship goals are needed to make sure all the people in the partnership are on the same page.

Relationship goals also help you understand the compatibility of your relationship and of yours with that of your partner.

Below is the list of healthy relationship goals to make your partnership stronger than before.

Relationship Goals For A Stronger Partnership

1. Imperfection Is Perfection

Imperfection Is Perfection

One of the most important relationship goals when it comes to having a strong partnership is understanding that no one, no relationship is perfect and that imperfection is what makes you and your relationship unique. I agree that movies and books represent perfect relationships but this false representation can create a lot of problems.

Every relationship experiences conflicts, fights, and disagreements so try not to believe and compare your relationship with that of others. Be realistic and embrace your imperfections.

2. What’s Your Love Language?

One of the biggest reasons why I’m listing understanding each other’s love language is because it can be difficult to express and understand love if you are not aware of your partner’s love language or if your partner doesn’t know your love language. Not knowing each other’s love language can cause misunderstandings in the relationship.

For instance, your love language can be quality time but your partner’s love language can be affirmations. Understanding love languages can help sustain your relationship and make your relationship stronger.

3. Prioritizing Each Other

When a relationship progresses with time, it becomes easy to take each other for granted. Mind you, it can be a subconscious reaction. One of the most important relationship goals includes making your partner and their love your priority.

It is important to prioritize each other even if your life is busy. It can be easier to put your relationship on the back burner and put other things before your partner but in the long term, it can become unhealthy and even toxic for your partnership.

4. Communication Is Key

Communication Is Key

In every relationship blog I’ve read in my life, I’ve seen this point being addressed – communication. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, strengths, and beliefs but in a relationship, you need to have an open mind and never assume. Your relationship goal should include communicating with each other and gradually developing your communication skills.

If you feel uncomfortable with addressing your concerns with your partner, you can always reach out to a couples therapist to seek help in understanding how to improve your communication skills and understand each other better.

5. Creating A Safe Space

Criticism and judgment have no place in a relationship. Create a safe, non-judgmental space for yourself and your partner. Both of you should feel comfortable being open and honest with each other.

If you’re feeling frustrated or angry and fear that you’ll not be able to help your partner without judgment then find a different way to approach the situation when you feel in control of your emotions.

6. Make New Memories

Make New Memories

Alone time in a relationship is important but so is being together. Healthy relationship goals include being together and making new memories with each other. A relationship without doing something fun every once in a while can become quite boring.

To keep things interesting and fun, try new things together, go on adventures, and just be in each other’s company. Make a list of things you like to do together or something you’d like to try doing together.

7. Open Yourself To Be Vulnerable

No one wants to be vulnerable and open up about their weaknesses but that’s what relationships are. Being in a partnership means you need to have trust in your partner with vulnerability.

One of the most important pillars of a strong and happy relationship is trust. If you truly love and trust your partner and want your relationship to sustain in the long term, open yourself up to the possibility of being vulnerable.

8. Be There For One Another

Be There For One Another

Life can be complicated and messy and can change at any given moment. Grief, sadness, disappointments, etc are all part of life. Being in a loving relationship means weathering these storms together. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you get to be there to celebrate the good times.

Being in a relationship means being there for each other during bad and tough times too. If your partner is going through something difficult, try to be there for them, even if it means being a support pillar.

9 . Become Their Best Friend

The most beautiful part of a relationship is being in love with someone who’s not only your partner but also your best friend. A relationship should not feel like work but it should be something where you can joke around, prank, or have fun with your partner and not feel obligated. Being their best friend not only keeps the relationship strong but also fun!

10. It’s A Partnership, Not A Competition

Your relationship should not be treated as a competition, it’s a partnership, treat it like one. Although, this doesn’t mean that you can’t compete in Words With Friends or an equally competitive game. A relationship should never be about ‘tit for tat’.

There will come a time where you or your partner will do something more than expected from them but this shouldn’t mean that you have to outdo them. As long as you’re meeting the realistic expectations of your relationship, it should be enough.

11. Talking To Your Partner

Many couples, in my opinion, avoid talking about their relationship with each other. Remember that as time goes on, a relationship might change. It is important to talk to your partner about your relationship as often as you can.

Check-in with them and ask if your relationship needs a change. Talk about the positives and negatives of your relationship and create new goals.

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Final Words

A relationship is a rocky road filled with troubles, efforts, commitment, respect, trust, and love. To keep a relationship stronger, you need to be willing to put in effort and sweat.

Creating a strong and successful relationship takes time and patience. I hope these healthy relationship goals for a stronger partnership helps you and your relationship.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Take care!

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