5 Powerful Reasons to Love Your Enemies!

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“It is easy enough to be friendly to one’s friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.” – Gandhi

Enemies, foes or rivals! These words are really very negative that make us irritated and annoyed. Even no one wants to talk about those people who have started rivalries with you. In addition to this we really hate them! Period.

Powerful Reasons to Love Your Enemies

But, you know your foes give you many reasons to uplift your over development. If you don’t trust me, follow this wicked blog that will guide you to reasons that can make you fall in love with your enemies. Oh! I can see cupids now!

Amazing Reasons To Love Your Enemies

1. They Offer Healthier Competition

Competitions are incomparable, as it offers a sense of winning with our competitor. Similarly when it comes to our enemies we try to dig out a chance where we can make them feel inferior. On the other hand, we may not see our foes as a rivalry but they tend to create a thought of competition with us.

Reasons To Love Your Enemies

This thought brings a sense of encouragement in us. Whichever step you take forward for this act, make sure you are not adapting to emotions of rudeness or other negative impact. If you see this scenario as a competition rather than a rivalry, it can help you in many ways.

2. Their negative comments can help you break through

why To Love Your Enemies

Ok, so first accept you will never ever react to those negative comments that are bombarded by your foes. I agree, when a person tries to pass such gloom-ridden words it is hard to control and you try to evaluate yourself.

Instead whatever you hear about yourself, try to take significant advice that could help you in improving yourself. Trust me, those negative emotions will help you to become an amazing person. If I say, enemies can be your therapists too, how many of you will agree with me? Waiting for your comments below!

3. You Can Learn Anger Management

Reasons why To Love Your Enemies

 Anger Management is a perfect way to understand and control your anger in a productive manner. Let’s be honest guys, your enemies are the best folks who can teach you anger management. Everyone knows anger is a natural and healthy emotion which every human inherits.

But your enemies can provoke your gut and then bring out the worst reaction in you. With this medium you can understand their intention and eventually try to understand your anger. In addition to this, you will understand how to deal with your anger in that situation.

4. Umm Misunderstanding?

why you should Love Your Enemies

Just because of outer appearance we may have misunderstood a person. No, the way we react with them, they will do the same. That’s the reason we have an enemy because it’s innocuous.

If you find something unusual with a person, ask them and understand the reason behind the same. At first they might hesitate but after you will understand the effort towards healing a relationship with them. Misunderstanding happens but it is our responsibility to work for it.

5. Enemies Can Be Your Helper

Love Your Enemies know the reasons

We have already talked a lot about enemies can be your therapist, an amazing source of anger management but now foes can be your helper too! When you start having affection towards your friend it establishes common ground and both of you have mutual bond.

Once everything is sorted, you will have a new friend with you and by the way who doesn’t need friends? Indeed, with this way you can understand how to tackle people and make them your friend. This act will let you in longer run in both personal and professional life.

Let The Cupid Work!

I hope you like this article and have understood the importance of loving your enemies. Everyone has foes and you need to understand it is crucial to love them as they taught you many reasons to do so.

Last but not the least let the cupid work for you and see the magic!

Always remember that “Only You Can Change Your Life No Would Do It For You”

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