Psychological Reasons That Could Be Stopping You To Fall In Love!!!

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Are you in a relationship but unable to exchange sentiments between you two? I know it’s hard to be in such a bond where one is ready to give   everything to you but another is not ready to receive. In this situation you surround yourself with thousands of thoughts and feelings which may or are still disturbing you.

Psychological Reasons That Could Be Stopping You To Fall In Love

With these toxic thoughts, we began to create our own small world full of guilt [not loving them back] and discomfort. Trust me, I have been through this and I can understand what you are feeling.

If you are battling within yourself or want to share such reasons to anyone including your partner you are at the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I am sharing the list of psychological reasons that you will relate!

Reasons That Are Blocking Your Path To Love Or To Be Loved:

Take a deep breath and make yourself relaxed because the reasons which I am sharing here are totally worth it with your situations.

1. Fear Of Intimacy

fear Of Intimacy

Everyone has a different meaning of intimacy but when you are unable to love someone the word “intimacy” changes its outline. I am explaining a bit here for better understanding.

Fear of intimacy is a social phobia or anxiety issue that prevents you from forming close relationships. In other words, you are hesitant in sharing your true self with others. Just because you are smiling or looking healthy that doesn’t mean there is no trace of fear of intimacy. Understand, love is a true and genuine feeling that can’t blossom without enough faith on your partner or even someone else. I am not telling you to show your worries or weak side or some secrets to them but at least you can try to have trust in them. Can’t you?

If you will give them a chance to know you and your life paths, your weakness, strengths, worries, and mindfulness will automatically appear in front of them. If you can relate with this reason, I can guide you to have faith in yourself and in others [partners], it will remove the blockages of fear in intimacy.

2. Abandonment Issues

abandonment Issues

I am sure everyone will agree with me regarding this, that whatever we witness as a child it carries forward in our adulthood too. For example, if a child has seen partiality from the start of his life, he will sense this feeling in everyone throughout his life.

If that person starts his life with a partner a fear of abandonment will always be there. Yet this is a reason for either not loving or receiving love. I too understand that this feeling can turn you into an insecure person. But my friend, it’s your time to understand and appreciate every little thing in your life and relationships.

You must remind yourself that you are precious and full of amazing qualities that no one can think of leaving you. Last not the least; try to take initiatives in a relationship. This will help you a lot. If you are facing relationship anxiety read here

 3. Attachment Disorder

attachment Disorder

To have a strong understanding of foundation in relationships then as infants we need the love, trust and bond from our parents or caregiver. If our childhood is full of trustworthy bond and support as an adult we manage to gather those qualities in you.

So according to me, this could be another reason from some of you. Hence, if you are a parent try to extend your health care and warmth in your child. Once he is grown up, he doesn’t get fear or insecurities in a relationship.

4. Dependent Personality Disorder

dependent Personality Disorder

First understand what is “Dependent Personality Disorder” [DPD] I am sure you have already understood this is another personality disorder that is impacting your mind and body. As I said above in the fear of intimacy section that the definition could differ from the situation or the topics. Similarly, here DPD denotes a person who is totally dependent on you, in both manner emotional and physical needs.

Okay I know, you can’t love someone who is too clingy or co-dependent for everything. If you are unable to adore someone the reason could be this or if your partner is not so loving to you that is because you are clingy to them. In addition to this, your partner may feel suffocated in a relationship.

Dependent Personality Disorder works both ways, i.e. for both a person and their partner. I hope now I am clear on this point; if you need further clarification on DPD, let me know in the comments.

5. Fear Of Being Taken Advantage Of By Someone Else

fear Of Being Taken Advantage Of By Someone Else

After love or respect, trust is another reason where relationships blossom. If you have some past experience where someone has taken advantage of your life, then you will sure feel the same. I understand the thought of “Taken Advantage” hurts you like any other thing.

But again I will tell you to trust your partner because it will boost a sense of faith in them too. Trust is hard to earn if you have such a bitter past, but once you conquer such negative emotions it will give a chance to cherish your mood and moments

What You Think?

I would like to know your thoughts and views on this topic. I hope you like this blog and now these psychological reasons resonate to you. I know it is hard to gather courage in such circumstances but have faith in yourself and your partner is very important.

And yes, if you are still not clear about the term “Dependent Personality Disorder”, let me know in the comments section below.

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