Is Your Partner a Gaslighter? Being Gaslighted Quiz

In our lives, we form many relationships – with our parents, friends, partners, and coworkers – and each relationship plays an important role in shaping our lives and perceptions. But, if I ask you, “What’s the most important element of a relationship?” How would you answer it? 

Trust, Loyalty, Respect, or Communication?

I’d say that all the elements above play significant roles in shaping a relationship, but the one element that holds them all together is “Communication”. If the communication you share with your loved one is weak, then the relationship can crumble. On the other hand, open communication can bind your relationship with a strong thread, able to bear the trials and tribulations of relationships. 

Lately, you feel that whatever you do or say, your partner turns the table on you and instead of resolving conflicts, every moment feels like walking on eggshells. If you’ve lately begun to wonder, “Am I being gaslighted or am I crazy?” or if you’ve become paranoid or scared of speaking your mind, begun second-guessing yourself, and feel like your experiences are left invalidated or that you’re being manipulated, then they can be warning signs of gaslighting. 

Gaslighting is a term you might be familiar with and if you’re not, we can define gaslighting as, “a form of emotional abuse that causes you to doubt your memories, perception, and reality.” In relationships, gaslighting commonly happens between romantic partners but can also occur in other relationships as well. 

Signs Your Partner is Gaslighting You:

If you suspect your loved one of gaslighting, then watch out for these manipulative behaviors; 

Disclaimer: This is a free quiz for personal assessment and is NOT a replacement for an official diagnosis. This free quiz is not an accurate or official tool to examine if you’re being gaslighted. It’s a self-assessment quiz for general knowledge and fun and should not be taken seriously. 

Take this QUIZ  to Check Are You Being Gaslighted By Your Partner?

Instructions: Please try to answer each of the questions below as honestly as you can. We ask you to be honest to deliver an accurate result. 

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How often do you doubt your judgment?


How much trouble do you have when it comes to remembering past events?


How often do you have to justify your actions or words to others?


How often do you question your beliefs?


Have you lately begun feeling a lack of confidence in yourself?


Do you think others are deceiving you or lying to you?


How often do you feel confused or question your sanity?


How often are you told that you are wrong or are being overly sensitive?


Do you often find yourself questioning your trust in your partner?


Is your partner a hypocrite or acts like one?


Does your partner spread lies or negative stories about you in your social circle?


Are you constantly apologizing to others even if the mistake isn’t yours?

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