How Well Do You Sleep? Sleep Quiz

Oh, Sleep! How you elude me! Probably something you can relate to, right? Sleep, these days, has become the most coveted yet the most elusive thing. I mean, imagine this; as soon as you get in your best PJs – all ready to get that much-needed shuteye – and as soon as your head hits the pillow, you’re wide awake.

After counting countless sheep, reading books, and even meditating, nothing seems to work.

Could this be a sign of just a rare sleepless night or something more?

Did you know that the majority of people don’t even realize that they have a sleep disorder? And I’m not just talking about insomnia. Many types of sleep disorders can cause sleep disturbances, but in the end, all of them have one thing in common; they affect the quality of your sleep.

Now, what Symptoms could Indicate a Serious Sleep Disorder?

Take a look at them before we move on to understand if you have a sleep issue;

These symptoms are the most common ones that occur when you’re struggling with a sleep disorder. Specific disorders may have specific symptoms that you would need to speak about with a sleep specialist.

If you think you might have some of these symptoms, then take our “How well do you sleep” quiz to know more about your sleep patterns and how you can improve your sleep.

[Please note that this quiz is not an indicator or diagnostic test for sleep disorders. If you have symptoms of sleep disorders, then it is advised that you speak with a professional healthcare advisor or a sleep specialist. Only a professional can make an accurate diagnosis.]

How Well Do You Sleep? Let’s Find Out!

Instructions: Please try to answer each of the questions below as honestly as you can. We ask you to be honest to deliver an accurate result. Answer the questions based on your sleeping habits or patterns over the past month (4 weeks).

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