Do You Have The Superwoman Syndrome? Take This Test

Being a woman in the 21st century is a privilege and a boon. As women, we want to do it all – work in our chosen line of career, take care of our family, and make everyone around us feel happy and comfortable. But, even if you stretch yourself beyond your capabilities, there will always be the pressure of various roles and responsibilities we have in our lives that we can’t always meet and yet, we persevere.

If you find yourself putting others before yourself, ignoring your needs to meet your loved ones’ and micro-manage your career, family, home life, and everything all at once, then my friend, you may have the superwoman syndrome.

What’s the superwoman syndrome? Well, it does what it says on the wrapper! It’s a syndrome that describes a condition when a woman ignores herself and her needs to meet all expectations of the roles and responsibilities she holds.

If you believe you have superwoman syndrome, then check out the symptoms and then take our fun quiz to know if you have this syndrome!

Signs to Check If You have Superwoman Syndrome or Not?

If you feel chronically tired and stressed instead of feeling fulfilled and happy in your roles and responsibilities, then you may have superwoman syndrome.

Here are the most common symptoms of superwoman syndrome:

If these symptoms resonate with you, then you might be struggling with superwoman syndrome! Women – mothers, volunteers, homemakers, wives, athletes, boss ladies! It’s time to take a step back and check in with yourself.

Let our quiz help you out!

[Please note that this quiz is not an indicator or diagnostic test. If you have symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue, then it is advised that you speak with a professional healthcare advisor.]

Let’s begin!

Do You Have The Superwoman Syndrome? Let’s Find Out!

Instructions: Please try to answer each of the questions below as honestly as you can. We ask you to be honest to deliver an accurate result.

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How often do you say “NO” to others?


How often do you take responsibility for what happens around you?


Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?


Do you have a “Me time” scheduled?


How hard is it for you to unwind?


Do you take on more responsibilities than you can bear?


How often do you feel too tired to do anything?


Is it hard for you to share your needs and feelings with others?


Do you ask for help when you need it?


Do you always do things to please others?

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