What Is My Mental Age?

“Age is just a number” – you’ve heard of this phrase, haven’t you? But have you ever wondered what it means? We all have a “mental age” and that’s one of the reasons why we sometimes feel like an “old soul” or a “teen stuck in an adult’s body”. But, what is this “mental age” we all seem to have?

Mental age can be defined as your “mental ability expressed as the age at which an average person reaches the same ability”. Mental age, in psychological terms, is used to assess a child’s neurodevelopmental ability, especially in children with ASD or Down syndrome and in neurodevelopmental disorders where the actual age of the child does not always align with their mental age.

Our mental age can be calculated by observing our executive functions, emotional growth, and maturity. While these skills are developed as we age, there may be people who might not always develop these skills and act, feel, or behave the way they should at their age.

So, are you excited to learn your mental age? Do you think your mental age aligns with your actual age? Or do you believe that you’re either an old soul stuck in a young body or a child stuck in an adult body?

If you’re looking for a fun yet introspective quiz to figure out your mental age, then our quiz will help! Our “Mental Age Test” is designed for anyone who’s wondering how old they are mentally.

Before you begin this quiz, keep in mind that having a younger mental age does not mean you’re immature nor does having an older mental age mean you’re old-fashioned or a fuddy-duddy.

A Word of Caution: This is a self-assessment test and not an official diagnosis. The score reflected on this quiz does not necessarily define or characterize your emotional, intellectual, or behavioral abilities. If you’re looking for an official diagnosis or assessment, it is recommended that you speak to a mental health professional.

What is Your Mental Age ? Take this test to find out.

Instructions:: Please try to answer each of the questions below as honestly as you can. We ask you to be honest to deliver an accurate result.

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